Monday, March 26, 2007

Blood Diamond

I realize that the "save the seals" people and "save the red-tipped fern" people have created fill-in-the-blank-cause sympathy fatigue and that's something that really bothers me. Not that I would want to watch a baby seal get clubbed, but these cause-people should prioritize as not to ruin it for the things that should take human life and suffering...

Diamonds have long been something that piss me off. Aside from the false "value" or "investment" for a stone that's about as common as a hippie in the people and children dying for that common stone because of its facade of rarity.

The Man and I watched "Blood Diamond" over the weekend --the fact that it went from big screen to DVD so fast may be a clue that we were one of the few that saw it... Personally I am glad they finally made a movie about this and hope people see it and it prompts them to do a little research. I have been telling my friends for a long time to forgo the diamonds and get a stone that is actually rare and that children didn't lose their hands no avail.

A woman in the film says, ["If Americans knew children were being mutilated, they would stop buying diamonds"]...but I have to disagree. We've bought into the De Beers myth so whole-heartedly I don't think women will ever give up that stone and the "office prestige" it gives them... And for people that say, "I don’t care if it isn't really rare, I just like how they look" --well, then get a CZ. People didn't die for that.

And to all you "save the pink-sided sea mollusk" people...I blame you for this. If you didn't make EVERYTHING a cause, people might not tune out the real ones.

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