Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bloggers: "Not Real Journalists"...

There are two blogging issues I have been wondering about lately... The first is whether Bloggers will be given "press passes" to big events in the upcoming primaries and elections and at "press" events in general. The second is when and to what extent blogging will be able to be used on a resume...

The first question was unequivocally answered recently (at least as far as Lithuania is concerned):

"An Internet blogger in new EU member state Lithuania vowed Tuesday to fight a parliamentary decision refusing him accreditation on the grounds that he was not a legitimate journalist.
"This decision does not allow me to enjoy the rights and protection other journalists are entitled to," Liutauras Ulevicius, author of the, said.

Parliament rejected his application for accreditation, saying he and other bloggers do not meet the legal definition of a journalist.

"The Media Law describes a journalist as a person who collects, disseminates and provides information to the media, based on a contract with the media, or who is a member of a journalists' union," parliament's education, science and culture committee said.

Ulevicius told AFP the decision breached his right to self-expression. He vowed to appeal in the first instance to parliamentary administrators. "If this does not help, I shall defend my rights in court," Ulevicius said." (source)

Isn't a Blogger a person that "collects, disseminates and provides information to the media"? I hear news outlets crediting blogs for stories all the time now... And I thought journalists were people that collected information for the public? I have had a newspaper column for over 3 years...but because I also have a blog I'm not a journalist? All the big papers have blogs now...are the authors not journalists because now they write on the blog and not in the Inky? And even when people say that Bloggers just use other people's stories --well so do journalists. They all take stories from the AP and Reuters...right?

And as for resumes...I'm curious about that. If I applied for a writing job right now it would be a travesty if the 9 billion words I've written here over the past 2 1/2 years were off the table... but I don't think we've come that far into the mainstream just yet...

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