Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Behind the Burqa"

(*Barf Alert* as the Freepers would say)

A teacher of Middle Eastern studies in Connecticut decided to recruit students to don a Burqa in the hallways to promote interest in her class.

As 15 year old Caitlin Dean roamed the high school hallways in the misogynistic gown other students made anti-Muslim remarks:

"The hateful and abusive comments she endured that day horrified teachers, the teen and many of her classmates. The remarks underscored a persistent animosity toward American Muslims that is driven largely by the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But they also opened up an important dialogue that could help teenagers in Colchester and across the state view the Muslim culture differently.

"Hey, we rape your women!" one upperclassman said as he passed Caitlin in the hallway.

"I hope all of your people die," another sniped.

"You're probably going to kill us all" and "Why do they let people like this in the country?" were other remarks she heard on Feb. 1.

"I think what this teacher has done is exactly what schools should be doing," Chaudry said." (source)

Can we just touch on the obvious here for a second... Everyone at that school knows that there is no Burqa-clad girls that attend. It's not a style that would have escaped them. This was kids being kids. When they see someone walking around in a costume (when it's not Halloween) they are going to make comments. The "hey we rape your women" comment (if it was even really made --why would you say "your women" to a woman?) was obviously some lib's kid...

Anyway, this story bothered me. I am not saying that prejudice doesn't exist (I'm also not saying it isn't warranted either), but if this was an actual Muslim girl wearing a head covering in the same school I doubt any of these comments would have been made.

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