Monday, March 12, 2007

ADHD or Kids Being Kids...?

Everyone I meet now claims to have ADD/ADHD or has a kid that has it... and yet I remain a staunch skeptic. Kids are hyper and aren't born with discipline and manners -that needs to be taught and learned... and now we have given them an out. They will never have to learn to harness their inner ID because their bad behavior has an official diagnosis and meds to boot.

And it would now seem the founding father of ADD/ADHD may agree that he's started a convenient diagnosis for normal childhood behavior and stressed out parents:

"...The psychiatrist who identified attention deficit disorder - the condition blamed for the bad behavior of hundreds of thousands of children - has admitted that many may not really be ill.

Dr Robert Spitzer said that up to 30 per cent of youngsters classified as suffering from disruptive and hyperactive conditions could have been misdiagnosed.

They may simply be showing perfectly normal signs of being happy or sad, he said. 'Many of these conditions might be normal reactions which are not really disorders,' he continued. (source)

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