Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yeah, They "Support the Troops"...

You know, the people that are against this "illegal war" and "Bush's warmongering policies of destruction", but for some reason still really respect and adore the men and women of the Armed Services that are bringing those policies to fruition...

Well, yesterday one of those staunch "supporters" decided to "teach me a lesson" and ruin my (dreaded) yellow-ribbon magnet. My yellow-ribbon magnet that wasn't purchased from the counter of a local convenience store but from the family of a soldier wounded in Afghanistan that was raising money for him...and it was $20, not $1.99...

I get really sick of the ire directed toward the damn yellow magnets... YOU have NO IDEA who the person with the magnet is... I know you like to imagine they are all spoiled soccer moms that would send their own kid to Canada before allowing them to serve...but you're way off. They could be an OIF or OEF veteran, a Vietnam veteran, a Marine Mom, a Soldier's sister, a former POW, or a Gold Star dad. They could be someone that made a promise to themselves to leave the magnet there regardless of how worn it became until all the troops were they wouldn't forget and wouldn't let the sacrifice go unanswered...

So to the asshat that decided to "make a statement" with my magnet...yes, you succeeded in pissing me off because that's been there for almost 6 years (as you can see by the dirt)...but don't worry, it has been replaced with a another one from the 10th Mountain Division given to me by a certain female warrior....

Friday, March 30, 2007


This may be worse than changing the Three Little Pigs to puppies as not to offend Muslims because it's real life -and a ruling body that is voluntarily pulling a kaffiyeh over its own eyes...

"The European Union has drawn up guidelines advising government spokesmen to refrain from linking Islam and terrorism in their statements.

Brussels officials have confirmed the existence of a classified handbook which offers "non-offensive" phrases to use when announcing anti-terrorist operations or dealing with terrorist attacks.

Banned terms are said to include "jihad", "Islamic" or "fundamentalist".

The word "jihad" is to be avoided altogether, according to some sources, because for Muslims the word can mean a personal struggle to live a moral life.

One alternative, suggested publicly last year, is for the term "Islamic terrorism" to be replaced by "terrorists who abusively invoke Islam".

An EU official said that the secret guidebook, or, "common lexicon", is aimed at preventing the distortion of the Muslim faith and the alienation of Muslims in Europe..." (source)

I thought admitting there was a probblem was the first step in recovery...? Can we stop worrying about the little pigs and finally deal with the big bad Wolf?! (that was lame I know, but I couldn't resist..)

It's Not Racism...It's Sexism...

"The arrest of two women teachers on charges of having sex with their male students has brought cries of lingering racism in one of South Carolina's most conservative counties and evoked some of the South's oldest and deepest-seated racial taboos.

Both women are white. The boys -- six in all -- are black.

Some of the blacks who make up more than a quarter of Laurens County's 70,000 residents are upset over the handling of the two cases, particularly the release of the teachers on bail.." (source)

Those crying "racism" need to review ALL the cases of female teachers molesting their young male students...they have all got off with a slap on the wrist. This is another case of sexism, not a new case of racism. I honestly believe if this were two Black FEMALE teachers, the story would remain the same.

I renew my previous objection to female sex offenders not being treated the same as their male counterparts. The fact that most men have a lingering teacher-fetish is NO excuse to allow sexual abuse (and that's what it is) to be "punished" by time-served and probation...

Mom's Multiple Partners Study: Strange Findings...

An extensive study done at Johns Hopkins (that began in 1979) shows that white children are negatively effected by mother's that change partners/lovers while Black children seem to show no reaction (Hispanics were not included in the study).

"...White children are more likely than black children to act out if their mothers have multiple live-in lovers, an analysis by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore shows.

The report, published in the upcoming April issue of the American Sociological Review, found a connection between such family changes and behavior problems, but only in white children.

The two-generation study of a nationally representative sample of 1,965 mothers and their 3,392 kids examined data from 1979, when the mothers were adolescents, and from 2000, when the mothers were adults and their children were ages 5-14. The mothers reported behavior problems about their children, and kids ages 10-14 reported details of delinquent behaviors such as vandalism, theft and skipping school.

Sociologists Andrew Cherlin and Paula Fomby found that children who experienced three to four transitions by age 14, such as a move in or out by a parent or a parent's romantic partner, had more behavioral problems, such as acting out or aggressive behavior, than those who had no transitions.

"A stable one-parent home is preferable to a home in which lots of parents and partners move in and out," he says. And "if a single parent brings in a partner and their relationship stays intact, kids can do well. It's the multiple partners and the speed with which we sometimes go through cohabiting partners that we think causes the problem." (source)

Can someone tell me who funds studies like these that end up confirming what anyone with a dash of common sense could have told them for free? How much did a 28 year study cost?

...Remember all those studies that showed the high percentage of "live-in boyfriends" that end up being the sexual abuser of the children in the home --maybe this study should have looked deeper to find why the behavior took a turn for the worse...

"Thinking Blogger" Award

Ahhh, a new twist on the Blog MeMe that appeals to the supercilious blogger! Quite ingenious actually, give them an "award" and they will come! LOL

I have been granted the "Thinking Blogger Award" by The Cassandra Page and must pass on the award to five other Bloggers that "make me think"...

I hereby pass the award to the following blogs:

1) Newsbusters: LOVE, love, love this site. There is never a day without an interesting post (or 3, 4, or 5...)

2) Jules Crittenden: Forward Movement Jules has an insider's view of the MSM and always has an interesting take on what's going down.

3) Lost in Lima: Great true-crime blog... All the stories you don't want to know about, but should.

4) Acute Politics: Keeping us informed about what is really going on with al Qaeda in Iraq.

5) Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler: I know, they hardly need a nod from me...but this has been and remains a favorite. All hail Emperor Darth Mischa.

What are your must-reads? I really want to ask what blogs are bigger than you think they deserve to be...but I guess that would be mean. There is one or two that I don't get for the life of me --but obviously they appeal to a lot of other people...

Friday's Question...

So I was one of the few that picked the brains over the scar-free face...but when money comes into it, I'm not so cerebral...

"For $1,000,000 would you be willing to never see or talk to your best friend again."

Bye friend! Love ya and I'll be thinking about you... LOL

That's terrible isn't it?! But I can't lie... a million dollars...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dems Gone Wild...Press Mostly Silent

I would be remiss if I didn't point out two stories that, had they been Republicans, would be looping on CNN ad nauseum...

Imagine the stories/comments on Kos if Saxby Chambliss gave a gun to his aid to sneak into the capital building (although it's illegal to have a concealed weapon in D.C..) and then let the aid sit in jail and take the rap...

"A senior aide to U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (D) pleaded not guilty to weapons charges Tuesday after he allegedly entered a Senate office building with a loaded pistol.

Thompson was arrested Monday when he entered the office building with a loaded pistol and two other loaded magazines in a briefcase that he placed on an X-ray machine, court documents said. He told the officer at the building's entrance that the weapon belonged to Webb." (source)

Now envision the press John Warner would get if it was found that vets suffered under his decisions while his family was directly profiting from the "illegal" wars...?

"...SEN. Dianne Feinstein has resigned from the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee. As previously and extensively reviewed in these pages, Feinstein was chairperson and ranking member of MILCON for six years, during which time she had a conflict of interest due to her husband Richard C. Blum's ownership of two major defense contractors, who were awarded billions of dollars for military construction projects approved by Feinstein.
Feinstein abandoned MILCON as her ethical problems were surfacing in the media, and as it was becoming clear that her subcommittee left grievously wounded veterans to rot while her family was profiting from the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan." (Read the entire story)

Things that make you go hmmmmmm....

Higher Education Cracks Down on Applicants

Every once in a while I post about something that I have yet to form an opinion about...this is one of those occasions...

New "discipline" questions found or to be found on college/university applications (source):

"The Applicant Discipline Question for next year will be as follows:

1. Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at an educational institution you have attended from 9th grade forward (or the international equivalent), whether related to academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct, that resulted in your probation, suspension, removal, dismissal or expulsion from the institution? YES / NO

2. Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime? YES / NO

If you answered yes to either or both questions, please attach a separate sheet of paper that gives the approximate date of each incident and explains the circumstances.

I authorize all secondary schools I've attended to release all requested records and authorize review of my application for the admission process indicated on this form. [student signature]"

I understand that the commission of crime on college campuses (and new laws holding the schools responsible for these acts) has prompted the administrations to take a keener interest in who they are I get the misdemeanor/felony part. But ALL disciplinary action from 9th grade on?

There are two things I would have had to list. I was suspended twice in high school. Once for "smelling like smoke" (remember, I went to a private Christian school), but here's the kicker...I didn't smoke at the time. My boyfriend smoked and drove me to school everyday. The second time was for forging my mom's name on a progress report. Now, before you suck in your breath, the grade on the PG was a 93%. It wasn't that I didn't want to show it to her, it was that I forgot (why do you need to get an 'A' signed anyway?) So I forged her name, got snagged for "lying" and had an in-school suspension where the office women made me do all their paperwork for the day...

Would that have hurt my chances at admission to University...or decreases the scholarship money I got? I don't know...

What would you have had to list?

(Photo: Actually is me walking into "the office" of my H.S. in 11th or 12th grade...)

James Dobson: Evangelical Psychic?

"...Focus on the Family founder James Dobson has dealt a potentially devastating blow to Fred Thompson’s presidential aspirations, saying the former senator is not a Christian.

"Everyone knows he’s conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for,” Dobson – considered the most politically powerful evangelical figure in the U.S. – said in a phone call to Dan Gilgoff, senior editor at U.S. News & World Report.

"[But] I don’t think he’s a Christian. At least that’s my impression.”

Thompson’s spokesman Mark Corallo took issue with the statement.

"Thompson is indeed a Christian,” he said. "He was baptized into the Church of Christ." (source)

If Dobson had spoken with Thompson and the former Senator had disclosed that he wasn't a Christian...well, then that would be one thing. But who is he to presume what someone's faith is? None of his positions are contrary to "God's law" what prompted this proclamation? It's not like he's lobbying to let off murderers and voraciously pro-choice...

I guess he realized how un-Christian this statement there was some backpedaling shortly after...

"Focus on Family spokesman Gary Schneeberger sought to clarify Dobson’s statement, telling Gilgoff that while Dobson didn’t believe Thompson belonged to a non-Christian faith, he "has never known Thompson to be a committed Christian – someone who openly talks about his faith.

"We use that word – Christian – to refer to people who are evangelical Christians. Dobson wasn’t expressing a personal opinion about his reaction to a Thompson candidacy.” (source)

This is pretty cool, in the past I've never liked a candidate enough to get annoyed and defensive over criticisms...

(Cross-posted at Draft Thompson '08)

Caption It...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bloggers: "Not Real Journalists"...

There are two blogging issues I have been wondering about lately... The first is whether Bloggers will be given "press passes" to big events in the upcoming primaries and elections and at "press" events in general. The second is when and to what extent blogging will be able to be used on a resume...

The first question was unequivocally answered recently (at least as far as Lithuania is concerned):

"An Internet blogger in new EU member state Lithuania vowed Tuesday to fight a parliamentary decision refusing him accreditation on the grounds that he was not a legitimate journalist.
"This decision does not allow me to enjoy the rights and protection other journalists are entitled to," Liutauras Ulevicius, author of the, said.

Parliament rejected his application for accreditation, saying he and other bloggers do not meet the legal definition of a journalist.

"The Media Law describes a journalist as a person who collects, disseminates and provides information to the media, based on a contract with the media, or who is a member of a journalists' union," parliament's education, science and culture committee said.

Ulevicius told AFP the decision breached his right to self-expression. He vowed to appeal in the first instance to parliamentary administrators. "If this does not help, I shall defend my rights in court," Ulevicius said." (source)

Isn't a Blogger a person that "collects, disseminates and provides information to the media"? I hear news outlets crediting blogs for stories all the time now... And I thought journalists were people that collected information for the public? I have had a newspaper column for over 3 years...but because I also have a blog I'm not a journalist? All the big papers have blogs now...are the authors not journalists because now they write on the blog and not in the Inky? And even when people say that Bloggers just use other people's stories --well so do journalists. They all take stories from the AP and Reuters...right?

And as for resumes...I'm curious about that. If I applied for a writing job right now it would be a travesty if the 9 billion words I've written here over the past 2 1/2 years were off the table... but I don't think we've come that far into the mainstream just yet...

Legos Promote "A Class-Based, Capitalist Society"?!

Is there anyone that can actually recite back all the things that have been banned over the past year? I'm losing track at this point... Sledding, tag, Pokemon cards, Heeleys, The Three Little Pigs, dodge ball, soda, smiling, fun...I'm sure there's a million more.

Well, now we have another one to add to the list... Legos.

Apparently building Lego communities leads to a capitalist-type Donald Trump entrepreneurial attitude.

" ...The Legotown builders [5 - 9 year olds] turned their attention to complex negotiations among themselves about what sorts of structures to build, whether these ought to be primarily privately owned or collectively used, and how "cool pieces" would be distributed and protected. These negotiations gave rise to heated conflict and to insightful conversation. Into their coffee shops and houses, the children were building their assumptions about ownership and the social power it conveys — assumptions that mirrored those of a class-based, capitalist society — a society that we teachers believe to be unjust and oppressive. As we watched the children build, we became increasingly concerned...

Ann suggested removing the Legos from the classroom. This bold decision would demonstrate our discomfort with the issues we saw at play in Legotown. And it posed a challenge to the children: How might we create a "community of fairness" about Legos?

...We also discussed our beliefs about our role as teachers in raising political issues with young children. We recognized that children are political beings, actively shaping their social and political understandings of ownership and economic equity — whether we interceded or not. We agreed that we want to take part in shaping the children's understandings from a perspective of social justice. So we decided to take the Legos out of the classroom...." (Read the entire article)

A rare occasion where I am left without words...

Coming This September: "Marry Your Baby Daddy Day"

It's for real...and a sign of the times I guess:

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day

Yup, you read it right.

The Issue:
"Father absence is the bane of the black community, predisposing its children (boys especially, but increasingly girls as well) to school failure, criminal behavior and economic hardship, and to an intergenerational repetition of the grim cycle. The culprit, the ministers (led by the Rev. Eugene Rivers III of Boston, president of the Seymour Institute) agreed, is the decline of marriage." (source)

The Solution(?):
"...Marry Your Baby Daddy Day is an effort to strengthen 2-parent homes and promote
marriage and family values. It's an invitation to couples who already live together and want to jump the broom in the name of love and their community.

We always hear about "baby mama drama" but we rarely, if ever, hear about those who actually love the mother/father of their children..." (source)

I guess I just don't quite get why people that already "love the mother/father of their children" need to be told to marry them and prompted into doing so with a "Marry Your Baby Daddy Day" --shouldn't the movement be targeting the serial baby-daddies and the more-than-one-havin' baby daddy mammas? And trust me, even though this particular website seems to be geared at this problem in the Black community, when you live in a big city you clearly see this isn't a trend that’s skin color specific...

(H/T: AFSister)

Wednesday Question

"Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as your dinner guest? as your close friend? as your lover?"

Dinner Guest: Pat Dollard (I assume that would be a meal I'd never forget!)
Close Friend: Bill O'Reilly (I had a lot of trouble with this one...but the only vacancy I have is a no-nonsense friend that isn't afraid to say things I don't want to hear...)
Lover: Jack Bauer (I guess it's good for The Man that I only ever get crushes on fictional characters...)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iran: UK Troops for a Nuclear Pass?

I have consciously avoided this. I don't know why...I guess the thought of what could be happening to those British troops right now is too upsetting. That and the world warned that the new Iranian President had a history of hostage taking...

And now it looks like they've fabricated a reason to draw the United Kingdom into a confrontation...

During out last go with Iran's hostage taking, Jimmy Carter went the pacifist route. He basically imposed sanctions and attempted a "diplomatic" resolution. We all know how well that turned out.

And now Russia is showing weakness (seemingly the worst thing to do when facing a brutal nation like Iran...)

"...The new sanctions imposed on Iran by the UN Security Council over Tehran’s nuclear programme are “reversible”, Russia’s deputy foreign minister said Monday.

The sanctions passed by the United Nations Security Council on Saturday “are another signal to the Iranian government and we would hope that they would understand it correctly,” the Itar-Tass news agency quoted Sergei Kisliak as saying. “All sanctions are reversible and it is still possible to resolve the Iranian question through political means,” the deputy minister added..." (source)

The last time Iran illegally held hostages we gave in, we gave them money, conceded “not to intervene in their affairs” and offered them immunity. The appeasement of the Algiers Accords set an awful precedent the Iranian government seems more than willing to try again. UK Troops traded for a pass on nuclear weapons? Let's hope the powers that be won’t make that deal...

"Press reports here have speculated that the naval personnel could be used as bargaining chips in the mounting war of words between Tehran and the West or traded for Iranians captured in Iraq earlier this year, but the Foreign Office would not give out further information on the nature of discussions between the two countries other than to confirm details of Beckett’s discussion with her Iranian counterpart on Sunday night." (source)

Ron Paul for President...?

Not if I can help it. Sorry, I know a few of you mentioned that he was your man... So, on your recommendations, I checked him out and read a bunch of stuff beyond his voting record --and came to the solid conclusion that I wouldn't vote for him (not that he has a shot of making it to the GE anyway...)

His voting record isn't all that great IMO...he scores way too high with the NEA, SANE and the AFL-CIO for my liking. He's an isolationist -which may appeal to a small number of conservatives...but considered a very dangerous post-9/11 position by many (myself included). ...Not to mention he has multiple columns on and Conspiracy Planet. Add that to the fact that his people are out there trying to belittle Fred Thompson.

Enough said? Yeah, I think so.

Six Packs & Virtual Toasts For Soldiers
(...and Marines, Sailors & Airmen...)

"Six Packs for Soldiers is a "beer-partisan" campaign to thank our troops. We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who have joined together with a simple mission – we want to buy our soldiers a beer."

Six Packs for Soldiers

"Six Packs for Soldiers is looking for "Virtual Salutes" for our soldiers in the line of fire. The photos below have been submitted by people just like you - feel free to browse through them." (Needless to say, you must be 21 to send a pic)

I think we should all do this. We should pick a day and post the pics with links to everyone else’s -and send the pictures to the site... a virtual Toast our troops day in the blogosphere...

And before someone says it...(this from the site's FAQs)

"Q: When it comes to war, aren't there more important things to be thinking about than beer?

A: Yes, of course, and we are. But it doesn't mean we can't take a break for a moment, and buy a beer for a hero. But by all means, if you want to do more for these returning soldiers, go for it. If you want a great place to start, consider supporting Disabled American Veterans. (we have no connection to them, we just have tremendous respect for what they do)"

This Sunday? Can we spread the word by then? Can blogless people get me their pics and I'll post them? Yea? Nay?

More from Foreign Affairs Scholar Sean Penn & Code Pink

Oh wait, I mean high school diploma recipient and Jeff Spicoli portrayer Sean Penn... (...and is he morphing into Groucho Marx?)

This is what he had to say about the President of the United States on Saturday at a town hall meeting in Oakland:

"You and your smarmy pundits -- and the smarmy pundits you have in your pocket -- can take your war and shove it," Penn said. "Let's unite not only in stopping this war, but in holding this administration accountable."

"Let's make this crystal clear: We do support our troops, but not the exploitation of them and their families," he said. "The money that's spent on this war would be better spent on building levees in New Orleans and health care in Africa and care for our veterans. Iraq is not our toilet. It's a country of human beings whose lives that were once oppressed by Saddam are now in 'Dante's Inferno.'" (source

I was going to editorialize a bit, but now that I re-read the statements...I don't really think I need to.

The protests have moved to Nancy Pelosi's doorstep (Scary to have to see your constituents that close and personal, huh Nance?)

"Today, supporters will gather at nearby Alta Plaza Park at 5:30 p.m., then will walk single-file back to Pelosi's home in a mock funeral procession

"We're going to carry the death and the suffering to Nancy Pelosi's house," Blome said.

"We're mourning the people that are going to die between now and the end of the war, and we're going to mourn today's vote, because that's a big loss for us." (source)

Caption It...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Blood Diamond

I realize that the "save the seals" people and "save the red-tipped fern" people have created fill-in-the-blank-cause sympathy fatigue and that's something that really bothers me. Not that I would want to watch a baby seal get clubbed, but these cause-people should prioritize as not to ruin it for the things that should take human life and suffering...

Diamonds have long been something that piss me off. Aside from the false "value" or "investment" for a stone that's about as common as a hippie in the people and children dying for that common stone because of its facade of rarity.

The Man and I watched "Blood Diamond" over the weekend --the fact that it went from big screen to DVD so fast may be a clue that we were one of the few that saw it... Personally I am glad they finally made a movie about this and hope people see it and it prompts them to do a little research. I have been telling my friends for a long time to forgo the diamonds and get a stone that is actually rare and that children didn't lose their hands no avail.

A woman in the film says, ["If Americans knew children were being mutilated, they would stop buying diamonds"]...but I have to disagree. We've bought into the De Beers myth so whole-heartedly I don't think women will ever give up that stone and the "office prestige" it gives them... And for people that say, "I don’t care if it isn't really rare, I just like how they look" --well, then get a CZ. People didn't die for that.

And to all you "save the pink-sided sea mollusk" people...I blame you for this. If you didn't make EVERYTHING a cause, people might not tune out the real ones.

The Mommy Wars...Reignited...

(For "Named One")

"Children who spend a lot of time in nursery are more likely to be aggressive and disobedient throughout primary school - no matter how excellent the nursery, according to study published today.

Primary school teachers are more likely to say that such children - even at the age of 11 - are still "getting into fights" or "arguing a lot".

The findings, from a continuing study of nearly 1,400 children, reignite the debate about whether working women damage their children's health by putting them into nurseries too young. They also provide ammunition to those who accuse the Government of pressurising mothers back to work too early to reduce the benefits bill..." (source)

Mommy-Wars and Feminism aside --and from a purely practical viewpoint:
I do believe that daycare is often times a necessity for struggling families and single moms, but I also believe the results of this study are common sense. If you have 24 kids and 3 teachers...your kid is likely to get lost in the chaos. And obviously no one cares about your kid the way you do. They won't cuddle them when they get hurt like you do. Put their forehead against theirs when they're scared. Let them nap on their laps when they're sleepy... It just mathematical. They can't be everywhere at once. Can't be there for every kid. And if your kid is the annoying kid, the bratty hitting kid, the whining kid or the always-snotty me, that kid is alone most of the day...

When thinking about daycare being good or bad for kids --think about the stories the teachers you know tell at the dinner table. How most of the kids annoy them and there are usually only 3 or 4 per class that they really like... I'm not blaming the's not really human nature to truly nurture another's offspring.

My title is sarcastic BTW...I didn't really want to reignite the Mommy Wars...I just thought it was amusing I came across that article a few days after the SAHM vs. WM debate of last week.

Starbucks' Employee Tirade

I've worked in both the service industry and I am well aware of the fact that most people are annoying as hell and many treat employees of these industries like second class citizens.

I am sure that's what prompted the little tirade a Starbuck's employees posted on Craig's List (and that can now be found on Starbuck's Gossip)

But I have to take serious with #12 on the "list of complaints". It reads:

"12. If you are one of the seriously annoying, mind-bogglingly stupid Change People, it's very likely that I'm restraining the urge to beat you senseless. Especially if you say something like, "I have twenty-four cents, if it helps…" – you are not helping anyone. F+ck you and your exact change. Don’t giggle and tell me how heavy it's making your bag and that you need to get rid of it. How about this: remove your spare change from your bag or pockets daily. Throw it in a change jar. When the jar fills up, cash it in. So simple, anyone can do it!" (Read the full list here)

I always give exact change if it's less than 50 cents. This isn't because I feel like getting rid of my change (that I can always use to park, for my kids' lunch money and school store or for bubble gum machines in the supermarket)...It's because over the course of my life 9,000+ cashiers have said to me "Do you have anything smaller, we're really short on ones". So, I dig through my giant black-hole of a bag to get the exact change to spare you the singles and the fives for all the people that won't have the compulsion to do so! So I AM helping you...and as for a's your tip...put on a freakin' hair net because I'm getting a little sick of paying Starbuck's prices and finding your long artsy-fartsy hair in it...

Then again, maybe I need to explore why this pissed me off so bad...

Monday Question...

Okay, all you vain people that would forgo 40 IQ points to keep your face scar-free... Maybe smarts didn't triumph over looks, but how about health?

"Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed if it somehow guaranteed immunity from all major diseases."

Obviously, since I would take the scar for the more wrinkly brain in a heartbeat, I would also lose the finger to ward off disease. Yes, I could still hit by a bus...but so could someone that kept the finger...

(Questions taken from Gregory Stock's The Book of Questions)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Caption It & The Al-Pocrisy© Continues...

“There are hundreds of thousands of people who adore you and would follow your example by reducing their energy usage if you did. Don’t give us the run-around on carbon offsets or the gimmicks the wealthy do,” Senator Inhofe told Gore.

“Are you willing to make a commitment here today by taking this pledge to consume no more energy for use in your residence than the average American household by one year from today?” Senator Inhofe asked.

Senator Inhofe then presented Vice President Gore with the following "Personal Energy Ethics Pledge:

As a believer:
·That human-caused global warming is a moral, ethical, and spiritual issue affecting our survival;
·That home energy use is a key component of overall energy use;
·That reducing my fossil fuel-based home energy usage will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions; and
·That leaders on moral issues should lead by example;

I pledge to consume no more energy for use in my residence than the average American household by March 21, 2008.”

Gore refused to take the pledge.
" (source)

(Pledge H/T: Brutally Honest)
(Photo: H/T: trekmedic251)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sheen Goes Loco for "Loose Change"...
Introducing Dylan Avery: The New L. Ron Hubbard

You know, the tired old Bush-Did-It "documentary" that has been circulating the internet for the past three years...

First of all, let's look at the inception of this Bush-is-an-evil-genius "documentary" in the creator's own words:

"In May 2002, after spending three months doing construction work on Vines, I had a half hour conversation with James Gandolfini at the opening party. To make a long, drawn out conversation short, James told me, "If you want to be a successful director, you have to have something to say to the world."
It was that month that I began writing "Loose Change," a fictional story about my friends and I discovering that September 11th was not a terrorist attack, but rather, an attack by their own government." (source)

So, much like L. Ron Hubbard wanting to be rich and famous and starting a "religion" by writing fiction...Stars are now flocking to the new L. Ron Hubbard --23 year old Dylan Avery who wanted to be rich and famous and is producing a "documentary" by writing fiction.

It seems that Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell are the first converts to the new religion sweeping Hollywood --much the same way John Travolta and Kirstie Alley paved the way for Scientology.

"...Sheen is involved in the production of "Loose Change," a new version of a documentary suggesting the US government was behind the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. The current version of the documentary is available on YouTube.

Page Six also reported "The View" moderator Rosie O'Donnell is involved in the project, though it was unclear what her role would be..." (source)

Aside from the fact that the government is leak-central and incapable of keeping anything secret...there is one site with the most succinct "de-bunking" of this conspiracy I have read to date:

"The man in the picture is Dylan Avery. To be more precise, the fact that Dylan, his friends, and family are alive is proof that "Loose Change" is bullshit. He, along with a couple of his friends, created a 9/11 conspiracy video claiming that the US government and the military caused 9/11. Take a closer look at the last part of that last sentence: he's claiming that the US government, for whatever ends, killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans, and tens if not hundreds of thousands of more lives in the conflicts that ensued because of it.

Since Dylan's arguing that the government has no problem killing 3,000 innocent people, this raises the question: if his documentary is true, and we've established that the government has no ethical qualms about killing thousands of its own people, then why wouldn't the government kill Avery and his friends as well? What's a few more lives to them to ensure the success of this conspiracy?

Whatever reason it may be that the government supposedly orchestrated this conspiracy, it must have been worth it to them to cause so much suffering and loss of life. So if there's any truth to this, then you can bet your ass that the government wouldn't let a couple of pecker-neck chumps with a couple of Macs and too much time on their hands jeopardize their entire operation by letting this stupid video float around on the Internet. I can picture you morons emailing me now: "BUT MADOX, MAYBE DYLAN POSTED IT ON THE INTERNET BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT HAD A CHANCE TO REMOVE IT LOL." Yeah, too bad this rebuttal is inconsistent with the premise of Dylan's shit-festival of a movie: that the WTC was brought down "in a carefully planned and controlled demolition ... and it was pulled off with military precision." Now we're expected to believe that the same government that was able to commit the largest terrorist operation in history--with military precision no less--is suddenly too incompetent to sniff out and shut down a little website set up by some college losers within days, if not minutes of its creation? The US government has the capability to monitor every electronic communication made anywhere in the world, yet we're expected to believe that they wouldn't be able to nix this kid long before his video ever became popular?

I win. There is no conspiracy..." (The Best Page in the Universe)

(Photo Credit: Moonbattery)

Saturday Question...

Yes, I am addicted to the question book...

The Man, AB and I got into a *huge* "discussion" about this one last night:

"If you could increase your IQ by forty points by having an ugly scar stretching from your mouth to your eye, would you do so?"

It's a no-brainer. I'd take the scar in a heartbeat. FORTY POINTS!!! I'd be so far above genius...I'd mock Bill Gates... If people said, "Eww, look at your scar", I'd say, "Ha! Look at your small, smooth brain!"

The Man and AB said they would never, ever take the scar. They claim no one but me would take the scar...they can't be right...can they?! Forty points, think about that...

(...and maybe with my 40 extra points I could figure out why *forty* doesn't have a *U*)

They Liked the Scrapple...

I haven't met a new Blogger in quite some time (and the last one I met was a does that really count?), so it was great to finally meet Zelda and Jethro...I knew it would be. Liz and I got to hang with the awesome couple for two days and the conversations were stellar...

...Boobs, roaches, ghosts and hauntings, Louisianans in Houston, waxing, sleazy motels, Paul, Gman, Free, Karen, Courtney, Jpck, Nate, Ciggy, Miss Saigon, Nancy Pelosi, Fred Thompson, Pat Dollard, Camp Casey, the religious right, Dr. Tiller, abortion, Catholics, Muslims, OIF, Vietnam, cheesesteaks, Cheese Whiz, carpal tunnel, WWII, rotator cuffs, blogging, Israel, Jethro's dimple, Bush, Valerie Plame, real estate, Japan, Bill Maher...I don't think there was much we didn't talk about...

Friday, March 23, 2007

More Nuclear Powers in the Middle East...?

Fred Thompson was on Laura Ingraham's show on Wednesday...I came into the interview late and missed something important...

Here is the audio (Thanks to Fred '08):

In case you can't listen I'll relay something Senator Thompson said that I found to be of great importance when asked about the war in Iraq: [paraphrased]

["We are doing the only thing I think we can do. We need to give this government, that is moving faster than ours did, a chance to stand up and be a democracy. Osama bin Laden and others in the region called us "paper tigers" and said we can't stand up and don't have the will to wage the war. We've waited too long to do this...

War is nothing but a series of mistakes and you do the best you can from where you are and I would hope all Americans could join in that. I understand the disillusionment and the unpopularity of what's happening...

I am chairing right now, at the request of the Secretary of State, an International Security Advisory Board and I got a briefing a little while back that led me to conclude that three or four more countries in that region, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt anyway, are on the cusp of deciding whether to go nuclear developing a nuclear weapons program themselves. They are waiting to see what's going to happen in Iran. Waiting to see whether Iran takes over a chunk of Iraq. That's just one of the things that will be the consequence of that place exploding there and that's something we can't have that if there's anything we can do to avoid it and I think we've got a chance."] -Senator Fred Thompson, 3/21/07

Aside from all the other doomsday "cut and run" scenarios we've we have to add three more nuclear Muslim counties to the list... This is the first I am hearing of this and it's huge in my opinion...

(Cross-posted at Draft Thompson '08)

Question of the Day...

Please forgive the light posting again today. Jethro and Zelda are in Philly (we hung out until after 1am last night this morning --and now I have to get ready to take them to the Liberty Bell & Independence Hall...) So I leave you with a question to ponder...

"What, if anything, is too serious to joke about?"

The libertarian side of me wanted to answer "nothing", but that wouldn't be true...

My answers:

Children Dying/being killed
American troops dying
Children abused/molested
My nose ;)

Brokeback Greasers

The Outsiders was one of my favorite childhood movies...Liz and I used to rent it almost every other weekend (so much so that the girl at the video store would mock us...)

We watched it together yesterday for nostalgia's sake (and I wanted my guys to see it) --and I was shocked that I never realized how homo-erotic it is! There was barely a chick in the flick (aside from "Cherry") and lots of shirtless scenes, shower scenes, and rolling around on top of each other scenes.

Not that it makes a difference, it's a great movie ("Do it for Johnny...We gotta do it for Johnny man!")...I'm just shocked I never noticed before...

For the record -Liz is in denial and strongly disagrees.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Edwards' Press Conference

John and Elizabeth Edwards just had a press conference announcing that Elizabeth's breast cancer has now progressed to bone cancer...

...I was hoping he was going to say he was putting his own ambitions aside and withdrawing from the race to give his wife 100% of his attention and spare her the grueling regiment of a national campaign. Despite myself, I would have respected him immensely for that.

He didn't. As of now he says "the campaign goes on".

Am I way off here? This is bone cancer. This is a Presidential campaign. I have to say, whether he is a (D) or was an (R) this makes him an incredibly selfish prick in my eyes.

Talk Amongst Yourselves...

...or, an "Open Thread" as other blogs like to call blank posts -oh, who am I kidding, I won't be able to leave it blank...

Here are the things I would have posted about if I wasn't wallowing in some as of yet explained mental funk:

  • In a maybe-'24'-isn't-that-farfetched story: A nuclear gauge containing radioactive material was stolen from a worksite in Philly

  • Sex offender and his parents kidnap, molest and kill a six year old boy

  • CNN doesn't even try to hide "liberal bias"

  • I Miss Iraq, I miss my Gun, I miss my War

  • Pettifog reminds America about the last time we "cut and run".

  • Democrats don't realize what happened last Sunday...

  • Moderate Muslim offers to defend US Airways passengers against CAIR's Imam's lawsuit (at no charge).

  • Oh My Lord.... (Man kills a horse to have sex with it and is then caught having sex with a dead deer...)

  • A Dem connected to Barack Obama did create the Hillary 1984 ad. (I laugh every time spell-check tries to change his name to “Osama”...)

  • RIP: Bred Delp committed suicide last Friday (he grabbed my hand in 1995 when I was front row at a Boston show).

  • RIP: Richard Jeni also committed suicide (one of the few stand up comedians I actually thought was funny...)

    Richard Jeni - "Political Parties" (You guys will love this...actually, I really have no way of knowing that...maybe you have no sense of humor...or a crappy sense of humor and you won't like it at all...truthfully I have no idea what you think is funny...okay, so *I* loved'll have to let me know what you think...)
  • Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    Feminists Are Outraged...

    Not Over This:

    "A 26-year old woman with two small children wanted to free herself from the bonds of matrimony. The police had established that her husband, who, like her, was from Morocco, had beaten her. Her husband had to move out, but the terror continued: after the separation the still-married man threatened to murder the young mother.

    [The woman sought an expedited divorce under German law.]

    [The (female) judge denied the request, ruling that because both marital partners were from Morocco where the koran allows men to beat their wives, therefore there was] "not any unreasonable cruelty within the meaning of Paragraph 1565" [of the German divorce law, so as to allow an expedited divorce. The woman would have to wait out the normal one-year waiting period.]" (source)

    Or This:
    "The boyfriend of a married Muslim woman allegedly murdered by her father and uncle for having an affair with him choked back tears yesterday as he told how her mother knew of the plot to kill her.

    Rahmat Suleimani, 28, told the court that his girlfriend Banaz Mahmod's mother warned him that her husband was arranging to kill them both in an 'honour killing'. (source)

    But THIS is what has them in a tizzy:

    "...A leading German TV-moderator and anchorwoman of the country’s top newscast caused an uproar last year when she admitted to regretting her three divorces, and condemned abortion, Die-Tagespost reported.

    Her sequel, Dear Eva Herman, captures the responses of women who welcomed the admission that professional success had not compensated for the loss of genuine family life.

    “The fact you’ve been criticized as being a traitor towards women shows just what sort of femi-fascism we have to live under nowadays,” one woman wrote.

    In The Eva-Principle, Herman tore open the issue of abortion as a violation of the woman, blaming pro-abortion laws for minimizing the trauma of abortion as nothing worse than going to the dentist.

    Her book was founded on a rejection of the feminist goals of emancipation, career success and self-fulfillment, replacing them instead with the “radical” goals of motherhood, home-maker and marriage-partner.

    “Let's just say it loud,” Herman wrote. “We women have overburdened ourselves -- we allowed ourselves to be too easily seduced by career opportunities.”

    Herman’s books are part of a new wave of anti-feminism in Germany, The Speigel reported, with growing numbers of professional women rejecting the feminist drive for career success in favor of a return to family life and motherhood." (source)

    But wait, I thought they were Pro-CHOICE?

    "The Muzzling of Climate Scientists"

    Sorry know you're one of my favorite lefty-bloggers, but your "Bush scandals" post has just been the gift that keeps on giving! LOL

    One of the oft touted Bush offenses by the left'o'sphere is the government plot to silence those that would promote the man-made-global-warming theory...

    To the NYT in January of '06:
    "The top climate scientist at NASA says the Bush administration has tried to stop him from speaking out since he gave a lecture last month calling for prompt reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming..." (source)

    And in front of Congress in '07:
    "...A NASA scientist who said the Bush administration muzzled him because of his belief in global warming yesterday acknowledged to Congress that he'd done more than 1,400 on-the-job interviews in recent years.
    James Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who argues global warming could be catastrophic, said NASA staffers denied his request to do a National Public Radio interview because they didn't want his message to get out.
    But Republicans told him the hundreds of other interviews he did belie his broad claim he was being silenced.
    "We have over 1,400 opportunities that you've availed yourself to, and yet you call it, you know, being stifled," said Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican..." (source)

    So he was "muzzled" by the Bush Administration...other than the 1,400 times he wasn't...?

    Animal Advocacy Anomaly

    Rickvid sent me this yesterday...I told him if it had been a parody I would have said it was too far-fetched, but alas, it's real...

    This story makes PETA saying that it's cruel to have cats and dogs as pets seem sane...

    "...Tiny, fluffy and adorable, Knut the baby polar bear became an animal superstar after he was abandoned by his mother. He rapidly became the symbol of Berlin Zoo, whose staff bottle-fed him and handed out cuddles in between.

    At three months old, however, the playful 19lb bundle of fur is at the centre of an impassioned debate over whether he should live or die.

    Animal rights activists argue that he should be given a lethal injection rather than brought up suffering the humiliation of being treated as a domestic pet.

    The zoo must kill the bear," said spokesman Frank Albrecht. "Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal protection laws." Albrecht and other activists fret that it is inappropriate for a predator, known for its fierceness and ability to fend for itself in the wild, to be snuggled, bottle-fed and made into a commodity by zookeepers.

    They argue that current treatment of the cub is inhumane and could cause him future difficulties interacting with fellow polar bears. "They cannot domesticate a wild animal," added Ruediger Schmiedel, head of the Foundation for Bears.

    The charity cites a similar case of a baby sloth which was put to sleep after being abandoned by its mother last December in the Leipzig city zoo..." (source)

    It has never known life in the wild...the bear is happy and thriving...let's show it we love it and respect bears by killing it?! I thought Global Warming was killing off the polar bears?

    Was McCarthy Right?

    "...The Communist Party USA has donated a vast collection of its photographs and documents, including smuggled directives from Moscow, to New York University.

    It will take years to catalog and include the collection, which also has original founding papers, personal letters and secret code words, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

    NYU said the documents have never been made public before.

    The archives will be kept at the university's Tamiment Library, which describes itself as a global center for "scholarly research on labor and the Left."

    NYU issued a statement calling the archives "among the most important ones in the United States documenting the history of the American Left."

    Michael Nash, director of the Tamiment Library, told the Times that the cache opens up new areas for research beyond the homegrown threat to security during the Cold War..." (source)

    Maybe we'll finally see if Joe McCarthy was spot on with his "list"... And find documents about Ethel and Julius Rosenberg...

    Caption It...

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    PMRC Reincarnated...And They're After Jack

    "I think Jack Bauer is going to be your new daddy..."
    "MOM! This is a TV show...Jack Bauer isn't even real."

    Imagine elementary school kids know the difference between FICTION and REALITY without the morality squad at the Parent Television Council (PTC) policing the airwaves for them. Back off Jack you horrible PMRC leftovers and turn the damn channel if watching CTU slap around a terrorist is too much for your delicate sensitivities...but keep your shriveled up little fingers off my remote. That's MY job.

    "...The guardians of decency are warning about new trouble, with a capital T, which rhymes with V, which stands for violence. The Parents Television Council (PTC), the group at the vanguard of the TV-sex wars, has lately focused on prime-time blood: power-tool torture on 24, serial killing on Criminal Minds, vivisection on Heroes. And the FCC has prepared a draft report suggesting that Congress authorize it to regulate broadcast violence, as it now does obscenity, and possibly force cable companies to let subscribers opt out of paying for channels that run brutal content.

    In short, torture is the new sex. Jack Bauer is the new Janet Jackson..." (source)

    Why are we bothering to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan when we seem to have an emerging faction right here? Good God these women (yes, I'm sexist and assuming it's a bunch of antiquated battle-axes) need to get a hobby...or a man...or a...

    I say, as a tribute to this wonderful group of teetotalers, everyone should go join Blogs for Bauer today...

    (Well, so much for sexism, I just checked and...the founder is man, the board of directors are all men and the advisory board is mostly men... I also hang my head in shame as I see that it's mostly right-wingers...including Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medvid...and Billy Ray Cyrus who seems to have morphed into George Michael...)

    Iran: "Insulted" Over "300"

    You must read this New York Post article. A perfect compliment to the 2005 Front Page Mag article I linked on Sunday...

    "...The Iranians sure didn't like [300]. "American cultural officials thought they could get mental satisfaction by plundering Iran's historic past and insulting this civilization," said Javad Shamqadri, the cultural adviser to Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Hollywood and cultural authorities in the U.S. initiated studies to figure out how to attack Iranian culture. Certainly, the recent movie is a product of such studies." (source)

    What Critics in the GOP Are Saying About Thompson '08

    "...There is, however, another theory circulating about Thompson, one being floated by critics of the Tennessean. Some Republican insiders suspect that Thompson, who makes no effort to hide his close friendship with McCain, instead might be working a behind-the-scenes, McCain-orchestrated strategy to build support among conservatives for the Arizonan.

    According to this theory, Thompson – who backed McCain in the 2000 presidential primary race – would build support and anticipation among conservatives for his own campaign, and then abruptly direct them instead to McCain's camp.

    Sources note that Thompson and McCain had an extensive telephone conversation on March 9, just two days before Thompson discussed his presidential ambitions on "Fox News Sunday." And both camps have worked hard to keep the substance of that conversation private.

    Whether or not he runs, Thompson might benefit McCain, if only because he appears to be slowing the momentum enjoyed recently by McCain's two main rivals, Giuliani and Romney, among conservatives..." (source)

    A few things here...First off the media and the Beltway inhabitants need to stop crediting Washington insiders for this FDT movement. This wasn't some plot concocted in DC, this was and is a grassroots movement. Even if there are big-wigs encouraging Thompson to run now, it's because they've seen they'd have the support they need. This movement did not start with "buzz" at Conservative Political Action started online.

    Now that we have that out of the way, let's point out the "group think" in D.C... Just because K Street likes McCain or Romney personally and have been foolish enough to officially endorse someone before all the candidates are declared --don't sabotage who the people want. You tried in '96 with Dole and WE LOST. The Dems tried it in '04 with Kerry and THEY LOST. The electorate needs to be excited about their candidate or a loss is all but guaranteed.

    This sentiment was put best on Alarming News, "We should be falling in love...not in line".

    (Cross-posted at Draft Thompson '08)

    So Very "Covert"...

    I have a certain obsession with the Plame/Wilson debacle... and this was just classic:

    From Cadet Happy posting over at IMAO --Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader...

    Did Valerie Plame Lie? (Under oath)

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    School Buses as Homicide Vehicles?

    Like we needed something else to worry about when it comes to our offspring...

    "The FBI has issued an "informational bulletin" to state and local officials saying to watch out for people tied to extremist groups trying to earn licenses to drive school buses.

    The Associated Press reports that members of the unnamed extremist groups have succeeded in gaining the drivers licenses, but a Department of Homeland Security official told FOX News that "at this time there is no evidence that any of these individuals have got these jobs, or got hold of school buses."

    The bulletin noted "recent suspicious activity" by foreigners who either drive school buses or are licensed to drive them, the official told The Associated Press.

    Foreigners under recent investigation include "some with ties to extremist groups" who have been able to "purchase buses and acquire licenses," the bulletin says...(source)

    Since Beslan I have been dreading the inevitable involvement of our children (prized in this in theirs) in terrorist activity --It's horrible enough thinking of the children in the planes on September 11th... I was hoping America would wake up before this horror came to fruition.

    They claim there is "no specific plot known", but somehow that isn't comforting me.

    (H/T: Liz)

    Hurricane Katrina: Grand Old Plot by the Grand Old Party...

    Like it wasn’t bad enough that Spike Lee interjected the idea that Ninja-Bush crept into the 9th Ward and planted bombs on the levees in The Big Easy...and worse that people in that community seemed to take his lunacy to heart... (If the government would go far enough to destroy infrastructure to wipe out a certain race or low socio-economic population...would they have any trouble picking Spike off for exposing it?)

    Now, delinquent (yet somehow re-elected), Mayor Ray Nagin has decided to expand the aberration and suggest this wasn't just a plan to rid New Orleans of poor people, but a long term blue-print to take so long in the rebuilding that Black people wouldn't come back and the voter base would change...

    "...New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin has suggested that the slow recovery and rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina -- which has prevented many black former residents from returning -- is part of a plan to change the racial makeup and political leadership of his and other cities.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, what happened in New Orleans could happen anywhere," Nagin said at a dinner sponsored by the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a trade group for newspapers that target black readers. "They are studying this model of natural disasters, dispersing the community and changing the electoral process in that community..." (source)

    (Photo Credit: Sacred Cow Burgers)

    Gathering Of Eagles VS. The Moonbats

    The big anti-war march on the pentagon was this past Saturday... Pat and I were going to go and attempt to catch the psychosis on film. Alas, the Philly ice and film editing snags sabotaged that ambition.

    There are some GREAT photo-journals of the day though...

    Tantor has one. (Gotta love the "Support our Deserters" signs...*sigh*)...and more here.

    CWO (a Freeper I believe) has a great pictorial of the event (make sure to keep scrolling for all the pics) The above picture is one of his --look at the flags on both sides...that pretty much says it all.

    Favorite Sign:
    "al Qaeda Sympathizers on Parade"

    Favorite Picture:
    "Hippies Smell" (I believe those are actually the Anarchists, but funny none the less..)

    There is an entire page dedicated to the day at Free Republic

    I am so glad to see that despite the weather so many Veterans and troop supporters made their love of this country and those that served it known...

    More Al-Pocrisy©...

    Can a day or two go by without the public learning of another of Gore's global missteps...? Could his carbon imprint possibly be any larger at this point?

    "Al Gore Jr. received more than $500,000 in royalties from the owners of zinc mines who held mineral leases on his farm near Carthage, Tenn. Now the mines have a new owner and are scheduled to reopen later this year.

    Before the mines closed in 2003, they emitted thousands of pounds of toxic substances and several times, the water discharged from the mines into nearby rivers had levels of toxins above what was legal..." (source)

    And I didn't even blog about the fact that his "carbon offsets" (that those on the left here were so quick to point out) were paid out to a company that, low and behold, "turns out to be partly owned and chaired by the former vice president himself.

    Gore has built a "green money-making machine capable of eventually generating billions of dollars for investors, including himself, but he set it up so that the average Joe can't afford to play..." (source)

    If James Frey had his "memoir" discredited...shouldn't the same happen to Gore's "documentary"?

    Hillary 2008 1984

    "Officials from Obama's campaign have denied any involvement in creating the ad." (source)

    Oh this is getting fun...

    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    Sunday Reading...

    The Sad/Scary Truth about Hollywood from a Hollywood Insider:

    (This article was written in 2005. I happen to stumble across it last night and was riveted...and had to share...)

    Here's a small excerpt, but I tell you it's worth reading the piece in its entirety:

    "...The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been leaning very heavily on Hollywood the past few years and the film industry is, frankly, terrified. According to CAIR, not a single Muslim should ever be portrayed as a terrorist on film, reality be damned.

    The sad truth is that behind the dashing and courageous Hollywood characters up on the screen sit a bunch of cowards. A group of craven men and women who have little love for this country and who have no idea that Islamic terrorists are working hard to bring down the foundations of civilization.

    These Hollywood liberals spend their lives negotiating. They believe that when the time comes they will sit down with Osama bin Laden and cut a deal. Imagine how surprised they'll be when the cold blade hits their necks. Imagine their shock when they realize there is no negotiating with barbarians; that Osama makes no distinctions between Democrats and Republicans, between observant Jew and Buddhist chanting Jew. I hope it never comes to that, but imagine such a story line. Actually, it would make a pretty good movie. I should try and pitch it." (Read the Entire Article)

    Sadly, but not unexpectedly, IMDB seems to indicate this man hasn’t worked in Hollywood since he wrote this article…