Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You're Not Even Gonna Believe This...

Like men in uniform? Well, there's a new dating service out there providing "hot" men for women to correspond with. Now, before you ladies get your hopes up picturing a lonely Marine that wants to pour out his soul to you --the uniform I'm speaking of is normally orange...and sometimes striped. That would be a Department of Corrections jumper...

The dating service? Hot Prison Pals (dot)com. I shit you not.

"The prison boys are back in town. Four hot studs need your steamy letters to get them through the winter. Get your pen out and let love take control of your pen." Oh my Lord... The site boasts it is for people looking "for more than just a pen pal"??? What does that mean? Conjugal visits?

Of course I had to check it out...the first inmate I reviewed (who was indeed a handsome guy) was definitely a lib -listen to this from his "ad":

"What many citizens fail to realize are many felons are the product or by-product of ECONOMIC, ENVIROMENTAL and SOCIAL FACTORS that have played a major role in their criminal activities..." (and it goes on and on...blame shifting -always a victim...)

And of course the disclaimer:
"Prison Pals.Com and all our associates have not investigated and therefore accept no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any statement made by the advertisers or the respondents of or from Hot Prison Pals.Com.

We at Hot Prison Pals.Com strongly suggest that you take every precautionary safeguard when communicating with the people you meet through this service. For example, it is suggested by Hot Prison Pals.Com that you use a P.O. Box and not your home address for receiving mail from the inmates. Also do not give out your phone number unless you expect to pay for any costs from collect calls.

We at Hot Prison Pals.Com are not responsible in any event, for any incidental, consequential, exemplary, or any other such damages arising from or relating to your use of Hot Prison Pals.Com. If you wish to find out any information on any inmate, we suggest you contact the inmate’s Prison for more details." (source)

Of course as I was reading, I couldn’t help thinking I should do it...think of the posts!!! ;)

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