Monday, February 12, 2007

What's in a Name?

In blogosphere many of us go by pseudonyms (and even those that use actual names, may be using names that aren't theirs). A strange thing is that even with those people that I now know off the blog... it's hard for me to call them by their real name... Free, Ghost and Nimbus are three great examples. I try to call them by their real-life names, but then it just feels like I'm calling them the wrong thing. Actually I think that AG is the only Blogger I think of with her name and not her Blog name...

It's also odd when you see pictures of someone on their site and have a name in your head (she looks like a Vicky) -then their actual name isn't what you imagined at all...

So I'm wondering what people think my real name is (of course those of you who actually know my real name aren't allowed to play LOL).... What do I look like I'd be named? Am I a Karen, a Jackie, an Elyse or something funkier like Raphaella?

Speaking of names...who's Michael B.?!
Your True Love's Name Is

Michael B.

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