Friday, February 23, 2007

What Are Your Kids Eating At School?

Recently, I was surprised to hear that most of the kids at 'Stepford Elementary' (my kids' school) bring their lunch instead of buying it. My kids but their lunch every day. The reason is it only costs $2.15 and they get a choice of four entrees, one fruit, one vegetable and milk. You couldn't do that for 2 bucks a day (especially when you take peanut butter and jelly out of the possibilities of a packed lunch).

Here's a sample day:
BBQ Rib Sandwich
Corn on the cob
Tropical fruit salad
Chocolate, Strawberry or plain milk

But then Liz sent me this story about a lunch lady in Philly that was suspended for throwing out rotten oranges...

"...Officials said Allen threw away four cases totaling approximately 500 oranges. After disposing of the fruit, she said she was shocked by the principal’s actions.

"She (the principal) told me that I shouldn't have done it and I showed her…what the oranges looked like. I guess it didn’t matter to her, so she went into the dumpster and took she the oranges out," said Allen.

After sorting through the produce and removing the damaged items, the principal served the undamaged oranges to the children..." (source)

She fed the oranges that had been in the dumpster to the kids?! And the lunch lady is the one that's in trouble. Good Lord.

Am I in the minority not packing a lunch for my kids?

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