Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Curmudgeon

Marc H. Rudov is on media campaign -he wants men to boycott Valentine's Day because men don't get gifts...

"It’s February again. This can mean only one thing: the dreaded, compulsory Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you forgot, fear not: the onslaught of TV and radio commercials will remind you and remind you and remind you. There is no escaping them, and they all share a common theme: women are entitled to receive; men are compelled to give. Nothing quite captures the essence of love like female entitlement.

Ask the typical woman to define romance. I’ll lay odds that she’ll describe a man buying and/or doing something for her, without a word about spoiling him. Why such narcissism? Simple. Most women are raised to be self-absorbed takers, and insecure men continue to tolerate and enable them.

...What is Valentine’s Day, really? An annual tribute to legal prostitution. After all, traditional dating and marriage are the chief platforms of an age-old prostitutional bartering system through which women receive gifts, cash, bling, stock, cars, meals, homes, vacations, clothes, college tuition, business partnerships, and spa memberships in exchange for sex." (If you can stand anymore of this guy...)

Personally I think this dude is a colossal whiner and quite possibly a serial misogynist. He's going to begrudge women, who are born and raised in a Patriarchal society, some flowers and chocolates one damn day a year?! Is this guy for real? I'll tell ya what buddy, you take the freakin' chocolates and I'll take the man's salary. Fair trade?

He claims that cheap bastards men all over the country come up to him and thank him for saying what they've always been thinking. If men are really this petty and whiny then...ugh. Let's just say I hope it's not true.

Needless to say, he's from California...

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