Thursday, February 22, 2007

UK To Pull 1600+ Troops

"...Some 1,600 British troops serving in Iraq are to return home within months, the prime minister has said today.

Tony Blair announced in the Commons this afternoon that the British force in the troubled country would be reduced from 7,100 troops to "roughly 5,500 in the coming months".

He added that "over time and dependent naturally on progress" that number may drop below 5,000 but he reiterated that UK troops will remain in Iraq "as long as we are wanted and have a job to do".

Mr Blair's announcement was widely trailed in the media, but he stopped short of pledging to bring 3,000 UK troops home by Christmas, as some reports had suggested..." (source)

Why is the UK really pulling their troops? If the South of Iraq really is in perfect shape, couldn't the troops head on up tp Baghdad?

Tony Blair is out in July, so why cave to political/gen pop pressure now? Is it so Prince Harry doesn't have to go...but saves face...?

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