Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Texas Taxpayers...

...funded the use of a Special Operations Unit to raid and close down a Chippendale's show. Chippendale's leave their clothes on. How many T&A bars are in Texas I wonder --and how many get raided and shut down by Special Operations Units?

Those SOU boys are pretty brave...I wouldn't want to be responsible for arresting 8 gyrating men ten minutes into the show in front of 1,000 desperate housewives that paid good cash to see their G-strings...

"Officers raided Jake's Sports Cafe about 30 minutes after the show started and the venue was closed. They arrested the venue's manager, the show's promoter and the dancers' manager along with the dancers in front of a disgruntled crowd of women.

Shortly after, several hundred women began chanting, "Bring them back, bring them back" and "the City Council sucks, the City Council sucks." (source)

Now, I don’t want to start a Yankee/Dixie thang, but you can see the dancer's at The Smoking Gun --and our boys are much cuter! ;)

There are no more illegals in Texas I guess? The Prosecutors there have nothing to do but arrest male dancers...?\

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