Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shhhh... Don't Tell Anyone He's A Muslim.

The Muslim taxi driver that ran down two Christian boys over "a heated religious debate" (the driver that has also been involved in a high speed chase with police), Ibrahim Sheikh Ahmed, is scheduled for a hearing today on charges of criminal homicide. Funny, a few articles are now saying "his religion is unknown"...

"Jeremie Invus [the incident left him with a broken bone in his face and broken bones in his pelvis and right leg] said the cabbie, Ibrahim Ahmed, said Adolph Hitler did the right thing.

He said that triggered their argument.

He said Ahmed, a driver for United Cab, launched into a speech, saying that Hitler had some good ideas.

Invus' testimony was corroborated by his fellow passenger, Andrew Nelson who said two things stuck out about what Ahmed said, “That he hated Jewish people and he thought Hitler was a good man.” (source)

If you Google the name of this hate-crime-committer and this one lonely story is all that comes up. Can you imagine if a Protestant and a Catholic boy jumped a curb to run over a Muslim after a religious argument?!

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