Friday, February 23, 2007

School District Sued Over Jesus Costume

Schools around the country have Halloween parades where children dress as everything from robots to Michael Myers...but in Abington School District (right outside of Philly) they can't dress as Jesus Christ. Male teachers can dress as female cheerleaders, but Jesus? That would just be downright offensive.

"...An Abington Township woman and her 10-year old son have sued the Abington School District, saying that the principal at the Willow Hill Elementary School there would not allow the boy to wear a Jesus costume, complete with a paper-and-twig crown of thorns, during a Halloween parade there last fall.

Instead, the suit says, he was told that he could wear only his white robe, without the crown, and should say he was a Roman emperor. Other children were allowed to dress as devils and goblins, the suit says.

The district, which was the subject of a landmark 1963 Supreme Court Decision forbidding the reading of Bible verses to students by school officials, has an extensive policy on religion in public schools. "There is nothing in the board policy that would have prevented him, in a Jesus costume, from participating in the parade," he said." (source)

I think the boy's mother should have gotten the ACLU to represent her--to see if they would. You can tell my eight-year-old is a product of this 'new America'... When I read him the story he said, "Mom, why would he even wear that?! It's public school. They hate Jesus."

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