Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Redeployed and Bearing Gifts...

Army Girl and I hadn't hung out for over a year... Since the last time we saw her she has earned the Combat Veteran title, received a purple heart and walked through ancient lands. Pretty wild. I had to share with you the goodies she lugged back from the 'Stan because they're just incredible...

First, this (obviously handmade) rug on the loom. OMG. (It actually says our real names, so the top is Photoshopped) I can't stop feeling it and marveling that someone (that doesn't speak English) made this by hand, from memory, with no stencils and spelled everything right... Holy Crap -and I get impressed with myself when I use a couple colors knitting. AG was upset it turned out so big (it's 33" X 25") , but I LOVE it. The woman even hung the little tools she used on the frame. The workmanship is breathtaking...

A bunch of terrorist hats ;)

This absolutely gorgeous old Lapis necklace (that I which would have photographed better:

She could only stay a few hours, but it was enough time for her, Liz and I to check out a new cupcake bakery in my area, and go to the little one's karate class and see him start learning Samurai sword. I think she got stuck in a snow storm on the way back to base (I told you to stay over!)

I love and respect the hell out of strong women and AG is a tough broad! ;)

(In case you were wondering, there were complaints I wasn't smiling enough in the first picture...and the visit should also excuse my minimal posting for today...)

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