Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pat Dollard on FNC Tonight

Those of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of "Young Americans" (like me) will be happy to know that the film is finished and now it comes down to getting out there. Thanks to any of you that donated and those who wish to contribute to make sure this film is released can still use the donate button in the sidebar (You'll get a "JihadiKiller" t-shirt as thanks for your support).

Those of you that don't know what "Young Americans" is...Well, go HERE and check it out.

There is an article in the new Vanity Fair by Evan Wright (Generation Kill) about Pat Dollard. It is the longest article I have ever seen in VF (25,000 words). Now, I have some questions about the veracity of some of the things in the piece (one scene from iraq is described by the author, but I have seen the clip and remember it differently), but it's a great read. Pat is effortlessly funny. Some of the more hard-core social conservatives may shy away from having this wild soul on "our side", but he fits in perfectly with most of us here --the Gen X conservatives...

Dollard, the new "bad boy of the conservative movement", is a tireless advocate for the troops (with a definite soft-spot for the USMC). That is genuine. I've talked to him a few times and that is very easy to hear in his voice. Time allowing, he and I maybe collaborating on a project that will kick ass...but that's all I can say for now.

Anyway, Pat will be on FNC's Greg Gutfield's Show tonight (11pm PST).

(Photo Credit: Vanity Fair, March 2007 -Hollywood Issue)

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