Thursday, February 08, 2007

OIF Veteran Tortured by Missouri Police

The Police report filed by Independent, MO's Police Department says Ashley Abbott was involved in a violent altercation at a local bar (The Fox and Hound Bar and Grille), yet patrons said Ashley Abbott was not the man in the fight.

Abbott, a Marine and Iraq war veteran, was then converged on by five officers who claimed they could get his hands behind his back. They proceeded to taser him (50,000 volts per contact) at least 12 times. They claimed he showed no response to pain. The video, shot by an appalled patron who says Abbott was not guilty of fighting or threatening officers, shows differently. The video shows Abbott face down on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back, 10 knees on his back and a Taser being rammed into his side over and over as he screams and moans in pain...begging the officers to stop.

You can watch the video here and judge for yourself: KCTV5 News Investigation - Taser Torture (the video is top left on the page)

In most cases of alleged 'excessive abuse", when I have watched the video I sided with the cops. If I were a police officer there would be NO way I was taking a chance on some PCP head with super human strength for $35,000 a year...but given witnesses say this wasn't even the guy. And even if it was the guy, it was a bar fight --not a bank robbery o high speed chase --and I don't see how that could ever warrant 600,000 volts...

It was also my understanding that tasers were meant to be used to take down a victim, not to impose pain once they're cuffed...

(H/T: Kat)

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