Thursday, February 15, 2007

Murder Clean-Up Kit for Sale

Coming soon... The mafia, gangs and disgruntled husbands and wives may soon get pre-packaged Murder Clean Up Kits right here at Blonde Sagacity. The kits will include a bleach mixture guaranteed to beat the luminal, a hack saw, construction grade trash bags, latex gloves, 4 tarps, antibacterial soap, travel size touch up spray paint kit, and one change of clothes.

This is an untapped market! I mean, I'm not encouraging murder, but if it's going to happen anyway, why shouldn't I be the one to profit from it. I'm not getting involved in the politics of murder and crime -I have seen a growing need and just seek to fill that need.

Sound insane? Well, not much different than Bank of America (formerly MBNA) offering a credit card designed for illegals. Ah, Bank of America...the irony.

So how do you get an illegal to pay back something with a 29% interest rate? They don't exist, they're ghosts -they're here illegally --so what's the bank's recourse? Upping MY interest rates because their insurance skyrockets? Is that it? Is this an insurance scam? A political statement? Treason?

Of course retarded Media Matters is posting "Fox 31 misleadingly reported Bank of America's new credit card is "specifically for illegal immigrants" --um, a card that you need no social security number to attain? Maybe they don't know this, but ever US citizen is issued a SS#. Maybe the guy running MM is an illegal...someone check into that please.

I was under the impression that aiding a crime in this country was also a crime... Maybe I was wrong about that. I wonder if I can get a card at BOA without giving them my SS#. I'm not normally a boycott kinda girl, but I know if I had a Bank of America card it would already be cancelled...

...And I'm all for legal immigration, but what the hell's up with this?!

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