Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Massachusetts Governor Seeks to Aid Felons?

San Francisco got it yesterday and now it's Massachusetts' turn...

Their Governor, Deval Patrick (Deval?), is working to "limit the scope of the Criminal Offender Record Information law". He wants to block employers from access to the criminal records of potential employees. He wants employers only to have access to records of crimes that pertain to the position they are applying for. And, believe it or not, he campaigned on this issue.

"...The governor is trying to get a policy in place so that CORI is not a life sentence," said Menino, who has implemented a "second chance" policy that dispenses with criminal background checks for many city job applicants. "We need someone at the helm who is supportive. I believe we will make headway this legislative session." (source)

Even if this law goes through couldn't it be challenged under the "Freedom of information Act"?

As a real-life business owner (well, the wife of one anyway), I believe I have every right to know if the person I am hiring has a criminal background. This is a person that will be wearing my logo and representing me. Someone that my insurance will be paying for should they mess up. Someone that I will send into my customer's homes and businesses with my approval.

What I want to know if the Governor is willing to forgo background checks for all his new hires...

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