Sunday, February 25, 2007

Former ACLU President Charged With Possessing Child Rape Porn!

Be wary of anyone that would align themselves to an organization that defends NAMBLA...that's what I always say...

"...Federal authorities yesterday charged the former president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, who serves as a leader of youth sports organizations in the state, with receiving and possessing child pornography.

Charles Rust-Tierney, 51, of Arlington, was named in a criminal complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Alexandria and was taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Arlington County police.

Mr. Rust-Tierney, a former public defender in the District, was identified in court documents as having coached various youth sport teams in and around Arlington County.

Speaking for the ACLU, Mr. Rust-Tierney was a leading proponent in the late 1990s for unrestricted access to the Internet, arguing before the Loudoun County Library Board that people would "continue to behave responsibly and appropriately while in the library" and that "maximum, unrestricted access to the valuable resources of the Internet" should be allowed.

Mr. Rust-Tierney also argued that parents should have the primary responsibility for setting rules for their children regarding Internet access, and that "older minors should have access to resources appropriate for their age group, even if such materials may be considered by some parents to be unsuitable for younger minors."

Mr. Rust-Tierney's wife, Diann Rust-Tierney, is executive director of the D.C.-based National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

"...Rust-Tierney admitted to investigators that he had downloaded videos and images from child pornography websites onto CD-ROMs, according to the complaint.

The videos described in the complaint depict graphic forcible intercourse with prepubescent females. One if the girls is described in court documents as being "seen and heard crying", another is described as being "bound by rope." (source)

I'm betting his wife would like to kill him right about now...

How many news outlets are reporting this story you wonder? Only FOURTEEN sites come up when you type this man's name into Google news (and a few of those are blogs). No liberal bias indeed... Speaking of the liberal media" --this story broke on Thursday or Friday and I can not find one picture of this man online (and I'm pretty good at that). Not one. The guy was the President of the ACLU in Virginia and not one picture...anywhere? or was there an efficient cleanup team deployed? Or have I been watching too much '24'?

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