Monday, February 05, 2007

Can You Sew?

There are SO many worthy charities out there and so many places that really need your money, but sometimes we just don't have money to give. Here is a great charity where you can donate time in lei of money...I'm always looking for opportunities like this when cash is low.

Sew Much Comfort makes adaptive clothing for wounded and recovering troops:

"Our clothing gives the service members the ability to have ready access to their injuries by utilizing the adaptive openings in our clothing that ease their exams and physical therapy, as well as facilitating the difficult process of dressing themselves in their everyday life. Our clothing allows injured service members to easily dress themselves and their clothing appears as normal as civilian attire which helps facilitate a more natural and comfortable recovery."

For those that can sew, they need pants with one leg 36" around to fit any metal fixators and with Velcro closures. But even those that aren't a whiz on the sewing machine could fulfill the need for female undergarments and boxer shorts with Velcro down one side... Here is the list of the adaptive clothing needed.

You can also donate unaltered clothing, sewing materials and of course, cash.

(H/T: Ghostie Alix)

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