Friday, February 23, 2007

Bank Of America Continued...

"Bank of America does not deliberately market financial products and services to illegal immigrants from any country." Bank of America CEO Kenneth D. Lewis wrote. Instead, the bank chief said that the program was created to help consumers who lack certain financial tools.

"We believe we have an obligation to serve all those in our country who are legally eligible to receive services. To do less would be discriminatory and unfair."

On the website Boycott Bank of America there is a list that has been complied of all banks that offer programs that accept the "Matricula Consular Card" in liu of a United States Social Security number. (So far they found 214 DON'T accept it and 241 DO accept it)

Though many on the left have argued that this isn't specifically for illegals (it is, when I was living in England I was able to get my bank account there with a student VISA --if someone has a VISA here, I have no objection to them receiving a bank account/credit card) Bank of America IS a member of the Open Borders Lobby (OBL).

"After September 11, we were told that money was the lifeblood of terrorists, and that we should do everything possible to block their access to financial resources," Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., said in a statement last week. "Today we are hearing a far different message: Bank of America, it's everywhere terrorists want to be." (source)

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says that a border fence doesn't make sense.

"...Senators and lobbyists are putting the final touches on a comprehensive immigration-reform bill that includes an easier citizenship path for illegal aliens and weaker enforcement provisions than were in the highly criticized legislation that the Senate approved last year." (source)

"...U.S. agents arrested about 195 people in more than a dozen states in a crackdown on illegal immigrants involving a maintenance business for theme restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe, officials said on Thursday." (source)

(Photo Credit: David Yeagley. An illegal with a platinum card?)

Post Script: I would like someone to do a guest post that is pro-illegal alien so I can understand the argument. NOT pro-immigration, because that’s NOT the issue here. Phillybits maybe? You seem to get ruffled at the illegals stories...

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