Thursday, February 22, 2007

Are There Any Ugly Babies?

I feel terrible telling this story because even if a baby is "Seinfeld" ugly, that doesn't mean it won't be cute as it gets older...or that it doesn't do things that are cute...

But I was in Sears one day and they were having a contest where you could submit your baby for a "Most Precious Angel". There was this young kid there with his mom and his daughter (15 months?). She was honestly one of the most unattractive children I had ever seen. As I was sitting there wondering if he knew how un-cute she was he turned to his mom and said, "It wouldn't even be fair to enter her in this." (And I'm thinking, that's true...) But he went on to say, "She would win so easily it wouldn't even be fair to the other little girls" !!! He had NO idea.

That's when it hit me. No one knows if they have an ugly kid because even if the child looks like Marty Feldman to everyone else...they're beautiful in their parents eyes. Anyone of us could have been walking around with a baby so ugly someone is writing a blog post about it right now. I see it all the time on the "Mommy Blogs"...unaware "mommy bloggers" putting up tons of pics of their not-so-cute babies...and people telling them how cute they are because what else can you say...?

I think this is a pretty cool biological function though... Interesting if it truly is a biological function -and how does adoption work into that...?

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