Friday, January 26, 2007

"Who is Behind the Smear Machine?"

That was the question asked by ABC News last night in reference to the story that Barack Obama attended a Madrassa in Indonesia. The newswoman (Cynthia McFadden I believe) said a "smear campaign" had already begun against presidential hopeful Barack Obama. She went on to say this story was an out and out lie.

I don't know that I'd say it was an out and out lie. Maybe an embellishment, but there is some basis to how the story began. Obama was raised by his Muslim stepfather in Indonesia. At the first school he attended documents show he was registered as a Muslim. The school in question does seem to be a public school -though the headmaster readily admits that "most of the students are Muslim." (source)

Funny, I didn't even know until last night that Hillary was being credited for starting the story and I said to The Man that we were seeing Hillary's first campaign action...Dick Morris told us months ago that she would bury anyone that attempted to get between her and the Oval Office.

This from Insight Magazine -the first to report the story:

"...We at Insight commend CNN for at least showing the initiative to follow-up on the story and send a correspondent to check it out. But, contrary to their claims, CNN didn’t debunk anything about our story. For the record, Insight never—not once—in its article claims that Obama went to a Madrassa. We didn’t claim it; Hillary’s people did. We reported—and we fully stand by our story—that the Hillary Clinton camp had conducted their own opposition research on Obama’s Muslim past, and that the Clinton investigators had concluded Obama had attended a Madrassa. This is what Hillary’s camp was saying and desperately trying to prove—not Insight. Our sources also confirmed to us that the Clinton camp had come to the conclusion that not only had Obama been raised and educated as a Muslim, but that he had been deliberately concealing it. Moreover, our sources also said that Clinton’s people were seeking to find out about the possible radical Wahhabi angle, and then peddle their information to their media allies later this year—prior to the January 2008 primaries.

More to the point, we are a magazine that focuses on political intelligence. Our stated mission is to provide our readers with credible, reliable, cutting-edge information on what is really happening behind the scenes in the corridors of power. We did that in this case: we revealed what is truly going on in the Clinton camp..." (Read the Entire Article)

Hillary 1, Obama 0.

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