Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trials and Tribulations of Parenthood

I hate that I have read so much about meningitis and encephalitis. I hate that the symptoms are "flu like" and could also be 97 other things. I hate that the only way they can test is with a spinal tap.

I hate that the 15 year old across the street from us died from meningitis. I hate that her father said to us "It's not like she had cancer and we got to say goodbye, she had the flu one day and was gone the next."

I hate that my little one was so sick yesterday I was debating taking him to the emergency room. I hate that I hesitated for fear they would do a spinal tap as a CYA precaution. I hate that had he had meningitis my hesitation could have cost him his life.

I hate that doctors are no help here and just say, "If you're concerned take him to the emergency room, but know they will do a spinal tap and it's very painful." I hate that kids don't come with a manual.

Sometimes it's just way too much responsibility.

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