Monday, January 08, 2007

Thank God I Don't Have OCD...

"Several dozens" of dead birds have been found along Congress Avenue in downtown Austin. As we know that birds are often used to detect dangers --this has to be extremely disconcerting for those in the area. ...And if it's bird flu and not some chemical cause -scary for the entire country.

"... The several dozen dead birds were found along Congress between Sixth and Eighth streets overnight. Congress Avenue is closed from Cesar Chavez on the south to Eleventh Street on the north in front of the Capitol. A police spokeswoman says the area is expected to remain closed until about noon.

People who work in the closed-off area have been advised to delay coming to work until after fire crews conduct precautionary testing of the area and declare an all-clear." (source)

...And there is a gas odor on several blocks in NYC.

"...Investigators at the Office of Emergency Management said they were aware of the smell and were working to determine a cause.

"We have numerous calls and reports about a gas leak from midtown to downtown, river-to-river but we don't have any locations or any injuries reported," an OEM spokesman said.

He said there was no immediate threat to public safety." (source

...And then there was the awful story of the second grader that died in Rhode Island (why does t always have to be the same age as mine) from encephalitis. The family across the street from us had a 15 year old daughter die from meningitis about a year before we moved in...the father's words always stay with me: [It wasn't like she had cancer and we had time to grieve and say goodbye -she had the flu one day and was gone the next]. Meningitis scares me to death and kids can't get the vaccine until they're eleven...

...And on top of all that, I had to get a PPD test this morning because I volunteer so much at the school. They don't do the 4-pronged TB test we had when we were younger anymore --they actually stick the needle under your skin and make a skin bubble with the tuberculosis elixir. My forearm is killing me now, but it's probably psychosomatic.

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