Monday, January 29, 2007

Sucks to be a Kid...

"...A Roman Catholic elementary school (Principal Jeannine Fuller) adopted new lunchroom rules this week requiring students to remain silent while eating. The move comes after three recent choking incidents in the cafeteria.

No one was hurt, but the principal of St. Rose of Lima School explained in a letter to parents that if the lunchroom is loud, staff members cannot hear a child choking.

Christine Lamoureux, whose 12-year-old is a sixth-grader at the school, said she respects the safety issue but thinks the rule is a bad idea. "They are silent all day," she said. "They have to get some type of release." She suggested quiet conversation be allowed during lunch." (source)

With each new inane rule imposed on our kids -no tag, no dodgeball, no Pokemon cards at recess, mandatory uniforms, no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, no honor roll, and the calamity of full inclusion -I am so glad that I was a kid then and not now. Back when you were allowed to laugh and stick up for yourself and were encouraged to do better than everyone else with no fear of hurting feelings...Before everyone got a trophy and before gym teachers said "It's not about winning, it's about having fun!" My retort? "...Is it fun to lose?!"

What will happen to these kids in the real world? After the kid with two left feet got his soccer trophy every year, what will he do when he receives his first college rejection letter...or doesn't get the job he wanted? What will he do when he learns the harsh truth that we weren't all created equal? That some are smarter, faster, better artists, prettier, thinner, wittier and more creative than others? That the real world doesn't exist on the socialist plane that public schools do? Will that be the kid that sticks a gun in his mouth? I wonder.

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