Monday, January 29, 2007

Silly String Saves Lives...

"The boys' finally came home with something in their PTA packets that I didn't have to write letters to the Principal to complain about. Amidst the "Purple For Peace Day" and the "Anti-Violence Program" that utilizes some woman speaker that discourages any play as an "Army guy" or a "policeman" (because they carry guns) --they finally had something worthwhile. The student council is collecting cans of Silly String to send over to Iraq -the idea came from this Time Magazine article:

"...American troops in Iraq have become masters of improvisation, like bolting jury-rigged armor to humvees to shield themselves from sniper fire and shrapnel. Lately, an even more novel item has joined their battle kits. Stratford, N.J., mom Marcelle Shriver recently got a call from her son Todd requesting ... Silly String. Marines working with his unit in Iraq had shown the Army combat engineer how it can be used to detect trip wires. Before searching buildings, for example, personnel spray doorways from at least 10 ft. away with streams of foam--and see if they're snagged by barely visible wires, which are often affixed to bombs. The Army acknowledges the off-label use, and Marine spokesman Captain Jay Delarosa says, "We force Marine trainees to improvise." Shriver is raising money to mail string to Iraq (aerosol cans are haz-mat and costly to ship). So the next time you waste string at a party, remember it could save a life..." (source)

You can buy it by the case for $39.99 HERE.

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