Friday, January 26, 2007

School Safety... Who is Legally Responsible?

Remember the other day when I posted about laws preventing parents from being notified of pedophiles that are minors...? Well, in Allentown Pennsylvania FOUR first grade (6 year old) boys were sexually abused by a mentally disabled 12 year old (one boy actually raped) in an elementary school there and now that the community has found out they are calling for the school superintendent’s resignation.

The school district responded (you're not going to believe this) that [the school district is not responsible for student's safety while they are at school""]. No?????? Then who is?!

But wait, it gets better...

"The solicitor for the Allentown School District said officials at Central Elementary weren't ''legally required'' to contact police after a first-grader had been raped. As a technical legal matter, when it's child on child, there is no requirement to call the police." (source)

Not legally required to notify police about the commission of a violent crime?

"The school district is seeking to dismiss the federal lawsuit, filed in August 2006, which alleges school officials knew that the 12-year-old with a lengthy history of behavioral and psychological problems raped a first-grader yet failed to take any action against the boy, which subsequently led to the rapes of three other first-graders.

In each case, teachers told school officials of the assaults, but the officials allegedly failed to contact law enforcement or child protective services, the suit says." (source)

This story is beyond appalling on a few different levels -first, the fact that this even happened and that the school district there seems to be acting like this was a incident where one child pushed another one on the playground. This is sodomy for Christ's sake. Second, the fact that a school district is claiming they don't bear the burden of safety when our children are in their care!? This is a statement that needs some serious vetting...

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