Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On MSM Iraq War Reporting...

A letter sent to Michael Savage from a Gold Star Family:

"Dear Michael:

I need your help to blast CNN. Please have us on your program....

As parents of fallen soldier, Sgt Patrick Tainsh, my husband and I allowed CNN to come to our home on Wednesday night to interview us after the President's speech. (We also met with President Bush at Ft Benning on Thursday) My husband, USMC Sgt Maj (ret) and I support our President and understand the importance of winning this war.

Upon his preparing to leave, although we knew the answer, my husband ask the reporter.,Bob Franken, why more negative than positive was shouted by the media (which is causing lack of understanding to the public of why we must win this war)...Franken, standing near our son's folded flag and Silver Star said " Where no house is on fire, there is no news, Where it bleeds it leads."

And when I replied to the reporter, "you mean you're willing to report negativity that feeds the insurgency which emboldens them and causes death to our troops and can cause death to us," he said
"Not our problem, we just report the fires. It's a democracy."

Well, Michael, now I'm reporting this soulless idiot to you.

I hope if Franken and all media persons who "feed death" are ever allowed into heaven, Patrick and all our other fallen give them all a good "... kicking" since it is the soldier that gives the media rights they take carelessly to the danger zone. And all the negative that is reported is adding enormous weight to the grief our military families carry.

Deborah Tainsh

Gold Star Mom, grief peer mentor, speaker, author: Heart of a Hawk: One family's sacrifice and journey toward healing

Midland, Georgia (20 miles from Ft. Benning)

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