Friday, January 19, 2007

Muslim Activism...A Tad Frivolous?

Making a show about modern day terrorism without using Muslims extremists would be like making a Mafia show and using Guatemalans. In fact, considering that almost every act of terrorism over the past 20 years was perpetrated by young radical Muslim males, when I see a show that doesn't have the balls to make the terrorist a Muslim I chalk it up to PC tripe.

Though I seem to be the only one in the country that hasn't gotten into "24", I have read a lot about the controversy surrounding it. They initially made the terrorists Muslim, but them buckled(?) and changed to Russians, but are now back to using Muslims...and CAIR is pissed (because obviously they have nothing better to do than monitor fictional TV say, try to thwart the extremists that are "hijacking their religion").

"..."The overwhelming impression you get is fear and hatred for Muslims," said Rabiah Ahmed, a spokeswoman for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations. She said Thursday she was distressed by this season's premiere. "After watching that show, I was afraid to go to the grocery store because I wasn't sure the person next to me would be able to differentiate between fiction and reality."

She said the group had a conference call Wednesday with Fox executives to protest the current plot line and request more positive portrayals of Muslims on the show, but was not promised anything.

After a January 2005 meeting with CAIR, Fox aired a commercial in which the show's star, Kiefer Sutherland, urged viewers to keep in mind that the show's villains are not representative of all Muslims...." (read the entire article)

In other pressing issues CAIR is:
  • Urging Muslims to complain to ABC about Glenn Beck

  • Urging Muslims to complain to Senator Boxer for rescinding an award to CAIR leader Basim Elkarra because of CAIR terror-ties

  • Urging Muslims to contact post offices and complain enough Islamic stamps aren't readily available.

  • And of course urging Muslims to complain about terror funding being questioned.

  • As Always, I'm comforted to see CAIR is tackling the pressing issues of the day.

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