Wednesday, January 03, 2007

...More on the "New Direction" in Iraq:

I LOVE when former San Diego mayor Roger Hedgecock guest hosts for Rush. He is one of the few conservative hosts I seem to agree with pretty much all the time...and he's annoying because I'll have this brilliant revelation and he'll say the same thing before I have a chance to post it...

Anyway, I caught a little bit of a riff he was on about Iraq yesterday and I really hope President Bush was listening.

Hedgecock was talking about this impending announcement concerning the "new Iraq strategy" and started by saying pretty much what I did in yesterday's post but put it better than I did... He said that it doesn't matter how many troops we have in Iraq and that increasing the number is irrelevant. He wanted to know what the strategy to win was...We can easily win with the number we have now if they would be allowed to fight without worrying about lawyers on base weighing whether each shot fired was a "good kill". Roger pointed out that Ethiopians won in Somalia with only 4,000 troops and the WILL to win.

I'm going to be really aggravated of the big announcement is "more troops". Not that I would be against that if the military thinks it's necessary, but a number increase is hardly a strategy to win. I'll say it again; if they won't let them fight to win...BRING THEM HOME.

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