Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Frivolous Legislation

Though I enjoy coming home to my pooch's wagging little butt (she has no tail to speak of), dogs seem to be akin to children in the fact that you normally like yours and everyone elses annoy you...

Now Washington lawmakers have enough time on their schedules to propose a law that would allow dogs to accompany owners in establishments that have a liquor license. Lawmakers are basically encouraging the new Paris Hilton carry your Chihuahua fad...?

"..."There's all sorts of places you can bring animals now," said Jacobsen, who doesn't own a dog. "You can take dogs into hotels. My God, some people are carrying dogs in their purses. Why can't we have them in the bars?"

The Seattle Democrat's bill would allow bars and restaurants with liquor licenses to welcome dogs, as long as they accompany their owners and remain well-behaved and leashed. Establishments wouldn't be required to allow dogs, except for service animals.

Health officials said the ban on pets in restaurants and bars is based on Food and Drug Administration regulations.

"Animals don't use the toilet and they shed and they sometimes drool, and those are potential issues with food," said Joe Graham, public health adviser for the Washington state Department of Health.

Lisa Owens would like the bill to pass so she could bring her 112-pound Rottweiler, Ida, with her when meeting friends at bars in Olympia.

"If people were asking me to go somewhere and I could bring my dog, I might be more likely to go," she said." (source)

Call me persnickety, but if I actually procure a babysitter and get all dolled up to go out the last thing I want is Fido's slobber and hair on my black pants... Not to mention the fact that people have no will the law stipulate friendly dogs only?

Animal lovers may also want to keep an eye on the PETA kills animals trial.

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