Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mayoral Race: Philly Politics

I wrote two posts yesterday that both disappeared. The fault of my new tower? Blogger? Netscape? Whoever the culprit, it's amazing there is still a blog today... I was going to walk away for the duration of the weekend, but then I end up getting backlogged with stories I want to talk about.

I don't write too much about local politics, but Philly's mayoral race should prove to be a pretty interesting one this time. We'll finally be getting rid of our rendition of Marion Barry. Hallelujah!

First off, you have to come to terms with the fact that there are two things about Philly that will never change: the elections will always be race-based and the city wouldn't elect a Republican even if he could prove he was Martin Luther King, Jr. reincarnated. (That being said, there was a white Democrat that could have pulled off a win --Joe Dougherty, Union boss. Terrible I know, but thankfully there is illness or something in his family and he won't be in the race.) However, in his stead there is also an Ed Rendell lackey, a Mumia apologist, a rich white businessman who hired Joe Trippi to run his campaign (because he did such a good job for Kerry) and a John Street friend-turned-rival in the race thus far. As of yet, the republicans haven't even wasting time offering up a candidate.

If you're curious about Philly's demographics, this is what the count was at the 2000 consensus:
45% White
43% Black
8% Hispanic
4% Asian
BUT the Center City liberals all suffer from White Guilt and will vote for a Black candidate purely because they're Black (Hence John Street)...

There is someone in the race that offers a glimmer of hope -a best of the worse type of thing I guess. He's a Democrat, but he's taking a really tough stand on crime and he takes major issue with the Teacher's Union (always a worthy cause in my eyes). Now this may seem obvious, but it's a radical idea here in Philadelphia: "He also believes that raising children is a parental responsibility." (How crazy that that is on a campaign website --gives you a little glimpse at the mindset here doesn't it). This candidate also promised that on the first day in office he will add 500 new police officers to the Philly PD...and that while the Police Commissioner is firmly planted in denial saying that "Philadelphia is safer than it was 6 years ago" (I believe we had more homicides here than in Iraq last year).

So, it's early and I'm sure that not all candidates have even made their intentions clear, but from where I sit Dwight Evans looks like the best bet Philly voters have right now.

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