Saturday, January 06, 2007


These sticker-laden cars are a dime a dozen in my area. Right near my home is an section where all the old hippies live now. I don't know if you can still call them hippies as they all have money (so they were probably all hippies 'cause they were rich kids), but you know the stereotype right? The women in oversized tie dye and long corduroy skirts hanging unflatteringly from their pear-shaped bodies. Frizzy gray hair that it would be "shallow" to dye. Big wool socks shoved into worn Birkenstock clogs. No makeup of course. Cloth bag draped on their arm (must save the trees...). Then there are their emasculated husbands trailing a wee bit behind them. Thinning hair slicked into a little pony tail. More hair on their face than on their head. Little glasses and bushy eyebrows. Always way too skinny (let the man have some red meat woman!)...

Anyway, "that" couple always gives me a laugh when they shove by me in Whole Foods...where the parking lot is chock full of Volvo wagons and Subaru Forrester’s all weighed down in anti-Bush, pro-environment stickers (Interestingly enough, I rarely see a hybrid there...).

So my point (yes, I have one)...Should all those "Bush is ruining the environment" stickers be on a car in front of a 7 bedroom house? Shouldn't they be on a bike in front of one of those '70's solar-powered eye-sore houses? My brother believes strongly in the ill effects of Global Warming and doesn't have a car...he rides a bike. He's not a hypocrite. But these rich libs have multiple cars and huge houses to heat and cool, but what? They think because they bought the bumper sticker, give $20 a year to the Sierra Club and use cloth bags at the store instead of paper or plastic they're any different than the soccer mom in the SUV?

Pointing out the Welbutrin-induced bitchy post at a time... ;)

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