Friday, January 26, 2007

Kennedy, Venezuela & 40% Off Oil

Have you seen this commercial (or the few variations like it)?

It was on non-cable TV ad nauseum yesterday. Literally like every other commercial break all day. "Our good friends in Venezuela"?

Here is what Joe Kennedy wrote in defense of his alliance:

"Criticism of our program isn't about cheap heating oil. It's all about Hugo. While conservative interests in this country don't like him, US businesses don't mind his money and his marketplace.

Even though doing business with Venezuela has been very good for capitalists, the issue at hand is Chávez and his politics of socialism. Before we accept the characterizations of him as a socialist threat to our way of life, we ought to look at our own country -- ironically, a system of socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor.

he fact is that many of the bluest of our blue chip corporations may actually be wearing a shade of Hugo Chávez red beneath their suspenders -- with one major difference: They're fine with socializing the risks of capitalism, so long as they can privatize the profits. As for the poor? They're decidedly on their own.

Meanwhile, in Venezuela, the president is socializing his nation's oil profits. Poverty has dropped by 25 percent. State-sponsored provision of basic needs like food and healthcare has expanded.

So, sure, we'll distribute Hugo's oil. Doing so is called compassionate capitalism. Right now, our country's vulnerable families fend for themselves, while the well-to-do can afford to throw snowballs at our program from the security of their warm homes and offices." (source)

Isn't it odd that a Kennedy is an oil man --shouldn't he be listening to his brother and be distributing alternative fuel to the downtrodden?

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