Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Job Possibilities Just Keep On Coming...

We've already talked about "professional" air guitarists, "professional" Pokemon card players and now the profession that may just top them all..."professional" pillow fighters...fighting for the Toronto-based "Pillow Fight League" (the PFL).

Believe it or not, the league has been around for three years and already they are about to embark on an international tour: "...So far, they have sold out a venue in Brooklyn, N.Y., and added events to accommodate the demand."

"...The PFL is an entertainment sport, but don't brush it off as some fake, powder-puff version of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

There are no smoke and mirrors, phantom punches or scripted wins, but there are rules: no men, no hair-pulling, eye-gouging, lewd behavior or "pillow-loading," a PFL term for stuffing your pillow with hard objects like books or bricks. "Every attack must incorporate the pillow somehow," Bellum said.

With this month's PFL international tour and championship match on Jan. 19, Bellum hopes Americans will embrace professional pillow fighting like Canadians have." (source)

I won't embarrass myself with any predictions about the popularity of this sport in the US...when I was in England I told all the Brits the Spice Girls would never be tolerated here and my fellow Americans made a fool of me...

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