Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Job, Curse God and Die.

I feel like Job. For you atheists, he's the one that horrible things kept happening to as God tested his faithfulness...

First Ninja gets the Little Women fever, then Busta gets strep, my dad has been sick, my dog was deathly ill and now I find out I have: Cough-Variant Asthma. Which could explain the dizziness at karate on Saturday morning...oxygen is probably crucial to working out...

But, something good did happen. When I went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds the Pharmacist gasped when she typed the first thing into the computer. Not a good sign.

"Your insurance company will barely cover any of this."
"How much is it?" I naively ask
"Holy Shit! What is barely?"

No, the medicine is not liquid gold...it's that new little inhaler disc: Advair. Before the despair could fully sink in (between both boys and the dog I have spent a mint on RX's this week) the cute, little cashier says, "I never usually buy the Sunday Inquirer, but this week I did and I swear I saw a coupon in the Arts Section for a free prescription of Advair if it was your first time."


I called my mom and she still had Sunday's paper. Low and behold the coupon was there, so I sped over to her house got the coupon and got the $140 prescription for free! yeah! Thank you Philadelphia Inquirer! And the steroids were only $9.99. I have more to add about a conversation with the doctor and pharmacist about that new smoking pill, but that can wait until tomorrow...

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