Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Iraq War Backpedaling and Hearings...

President Bush is supposed to let us know the "new direction" we will take in Iraq. I hope it will be allowing our troops to fight to win instead of all this PC posturing that's been going on thus far...but I assume it will just be saying we are sending in more troops to be targets because they can't fire for fear they'll injure a terrorist.

In the shadow of this announcement are three weeks of hearings to be held on the war. And on the committee:
Joe Biden
Christopher Dodd
John Kerry
Russell Feingold
Barack Obama (source)

How can this be taken seriously even by the staunchest Democrat out there when each and every man on this list is exploring a 2008 run for President?!

The race for the Oval office aside, Feingold was the only one that voted "Nay" to the use of force in Iraq --which means they believed the same evidence the President did...Obama wasn't around then -and I'm not sure what qualifies him to be on this committee now. (source)

The other day while I was doing my weekly read of the left'o'sphere (see what I endure for you all!), I came across something on Eschaton (Atrios' site) that surprised me...an alternative view to the "Bush Lied and Poor Terrorists Died" talking points-- Of course he's still saying Bush sucks, but maybe saying he didn't "lie":

"...Why did we invade Iraq?
For a time I was leaning in a not-entirely-tongue-in-cheek way in the direction of thinking that it was, ultimately, a product of a massive Iranian intelligence agency operation to dupe us into doing it. Still, whatever the unknown and unknowable motives of the people who decided to take us there it is the case that if there's been a winner in all of this it has been Iran.

So, as Anonymous Liberal rightly points out, if Iran is, as His Irrelevancy says, the Great Evil lurking in the desert, then that just makes his support for the Stupidest Fucking War Ever that much more evidence of his bad judgment." (source)

I'll never understand all the crying (or hearings in this case) over spilt milk in D.C. We went in for whatever reasons good or bad and we're there and our guys are getting killed for people that seem pretty damn ungrateful at this point. Whether it takes more troops or a giant Middle East size bomb...I don't care and I'm not qualified to say --as long as we win in the eyes of our military and the world and our troops come home.

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