Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hillary's Bid For Prez

Can I just say out loud how depressing it is that the first woman to throw their hat in the Presidential ring is Hillary Clinton...I wonder how many other women are feeling the same way. I'd LOVE to vote for the first woman to run for the Oval Office. I'd love to be a part of that history, but I won't. I don't vote based on race or gender or even party. Except for Arlen Specter, I have always and will always vote my conscience.

I do wonder who the real Hillary Clinton is though? Is she the extreme leftist? The Goldwater girl? The Centrist? The hawk? The dove? The staunch feminist? The forgiving wife? The sucker? The backstabber? She has donned too many masks for the public to ever be able to decide which one was the real face.

Blatantly ripping off Barack Obama (and trying to steal some of his 15 minutes), Hillary released a video announcement of her intent to run in '08. She actually looks very pretty in it (was David Blane the producer I wonder?)

They say Bushy is unable to admit his mistakes and "change course", but what about her? I'm pretty sure I don't want a "stand-by-your-man" gal as the first President of the United States of America. Almost every Dem I know said she wouldn't run...and said she'd "never get the nomination". I've always given her way more credit than that. '08 is the only reason she stayed with Bill -and as I have said in the past...I don't know if that makes her driven or pathetic.

Statistics say that the 2008 electorate will be comprised of 54% women voters...

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