Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Guest Post: by Freakchylde

"I admit, I'm addicted to CNN. Call it loyalty, as I used to work for them, in the newsroom. But I can't stand Fox, they pissed me off in college with shoddy reporting, and I haven't been able to get past it. However, as much as I love CNN, I can't stand Wolf Blitzer. He's the epitome of CNN's label as being left-leaning. I made the mistake of not changing the channel today, so I ended up watching "The Situation Room" with him hosting. What did I get....well, Obama's video clip about throwing his hat into the "should I run" ring. And the "Is America ready for a Black President?" My answer, "No, it's not." Why? Because he's being set-up as a martyr to the Clinton Clan. I honestly think he'll have a better chance at running as an Independent. To make matters worse, apparently Kerry is seriously thinking about running again. Sorry, but this round is going to be better? THE GUY WAS BEAT BY BUSH! HOW MUCH MORE CLEAR DOES IT NEED TO GET BEFORE THE DEMOCRATS GET A CLUE? Then, to top things off, he interviewed Edwards. Now, I'll give Blizter some credit. He brought up Bush's challenge to those who want to deride the troop increase: If you don't like this plan, give me something better. So what does Edwards offer up, besides saying that Obama is too green between the ears (as if Edwards has room to talk on that one)? He says the current Iraqi administration needs to bring the
Sunni's into the government and make them take part. Apparently, he failed to remember that historic first election they held. Ya know, the one the Sunni's boycotted in both vote and candidates? Ok, here's a clue on the government set-up called a Democracy....if you don't take part in it, guess what....TOUGH SHIT! It's your own damned fault. The Sunni's chose to stay home. They chose to not have representatives run for election. THEY CHOSE THEIR CURRENT SITUATION. So sorry, they'll have to wait till the next election. We have to do the same thing (like the Democrats have been bitching about since they lost the coveted seat), whatever we elect, we get to deal with till the next election. That's the beauty of the system,
you don't like what you got, you vote for what you think is better the next time around, and hope that everyone else agrees with you.

This has been my serious bitch for the last couple of Presidential elections, which is why I've taken part in the Primaries, more often than the run-off. Both parties have had nothing to offer. And so far, from the Democrats, we have 2 repeats that we kicked to the curb for the dumbass in office, 1 martyr for the Clinton cause, and 2
others who are just as worthless as the first 2. I've heard a bit on the Colorado governor throwing his hat into the ring, but don't know enough about him, other than a few soundbytes this afternoon. And people wonder why the moderates are pissed off, and pull the bullshit like they did in the recent November elections. The Democrats are trying to do something different, so they pull the exact same crap the Republicans did with the whole "change of guard". CHANGE THE FUCKING GUARD! DON'T SIT AND TALK ABOUT IT. DO IT!"

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