Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gracefully Growing Old...?

My mom and I had an interesting discussion over lunch yesterday...I guess it was brought on by the fact that I have my first yearly mammogram today...

My sister recently said to me: "Either most moms your age got old way before their time, or you're really immature." My goal has always been to find that delicate balance between not looking like "a mom" -yet not looking like Peg Bundy...

What exactly is "growing old gracefully" --not what should it mean, but what are people implying when they say it?

That they naturally look good for their age?
That they dress appropriately for their age?
That they have enough money to get plastic surgery and still look great?
That they look younger than their chronological age?

Anyway, as I am growing older whether I want to or not, I'm wondering how it is to be done gracefully...

I have no idea who that women is, but Southern women seem to have got the 'growing old' thing successfully figured out (of course we Yankee girls do everything else better...LOL)

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