Monday, January 22, 2007

GITMO: Detainees Not the Innocent Boys The ACLU Says They Are?!

Everytime the US buckles to protestor/international pressure, it turns out the original hard-line stance was the right one...

The ACLU tries to sell us on the innocence of "many" of the GITMO detainees. Making the fact that there aren't any formal charges seem as if these are nice upstanding boys caught at the wrong place and the wrong time.

"...Nearly three years after his release, an Afghan teen who was among three youths from his country held here has been recaptured in Afghanistan for fighting against U.S. forces, a senior camp official says.

The Afghan, who was about 15 when he was swept up along with hundreds of others and taken to Guantánamo Bay, is among a few former prisoners who have been killed or recaptured following their release by U.S. authorities, said Paul Rester, director of the Joint Intelligence Group at the detention center.

The former detainee would now be about 19.

He was captured more than a year ago after a shootout with U.S. troops, according to Rester, who said in an interview that there are no plans to bring him back to Guantánamo Bay, where the military holds nearly 400 men on suspicion of links to al Qaeda or the Taliban.

''He's not been brought back here,'' he said. ``We're not bringing anybody here.'" (source)

I guess it's his humanitarian right to shoot at American troops.

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