Thursday, January 18, 2007

Don't Let Thralldom Keep You Down!

WarCryGirl made my night emailing me this link...

Being successful is all about finding a need and fulfilling it, and that's exactly what has done. How can a Muslim women whose male god and chauvinistic husband dictate that she must wear a head covering and "modest dress" participate in swimming and/or physical activities in Western cultures that don't provide segregated facilities?!

By wearing inane, hooded wetsuits bathing suits of course. The Burqini! (Really, that's what it's called and it's $190!!!) There's even a "modest" karate outfit for the Islamic martial artist (of course since martial arts can't really be done without lots of touching, I don't see how the outfit will help...the Burq-gi perhaps?)

From the website:
"All eyes are on the appearance of Muslim women in sports. Their appearance should be modest and at the same time it should reflect a professional sporty appearance with pride. By providing the appropriate clothing for the Muslim woman, who complies with religious, cultural and sports obligation, we are helping to bring out the best in Muslim woman, to prove that a Muslim woman is a role model to other women in the world, not an oppressed, no name, and no face being. With Ahiida sportswear, we can now compete with confidence." (source)

Thank God for God, who has more pressing things to dictate than how I dress...

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