Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Diagnosis

...I called the doctor's office (again) yesterday and the over-the-phone diagnosis was Roseola. I knew it wasn't Roseola because with that the rash appears 2-3 days after the fever breaks and the little man's fever was still going strong (that and he's a bit old for that).

Last night I got really fed up, put in yet another call to the doctor's emergency call service and then set about to do a bit of research. By the time the doc had called back I had decided the diagnosis was most definitely Scarlet Fever. Doc agreed.

We just got back from the office where that diagnosis was not only verified, but another virus that is causing the chest cold was added. I didn't even know people got Scarlet Fever anymore and this poor kid not only gets it, but it's coupled with some other horrible thing that will require nebulizer treatments four times a day because he's starting to wheeze... Not to mention that he just threw up the first dose of antibiotic. Why would she prescribe a chewable antibiotic to someone spitting up mucus?

Thank you so much to everyone that has emailed their well-wishes. It means a lot.

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