Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cubans Long For GITMO Treatment

Mother Sheehan is taking a trip to Cuba to protest the mango chicken, complete Arabic library and the Qur'an hammocks at Club GITMO.

A group of women in Cuba, whose husbands are political prisoners under Sheehan's friend Castro (and are actually being mistreated), call themselves "Damas de Blanco" (Ladies in White) and march for their husbands every Sunday in Havana. Upon hearing of Sheehan's visit they asked that she come see what goes on in Castro's prisons:

"...The Damas drew Ms. Sheehan's attention to the poor state of Cuban prisons, which they say lack clean drinking water and adequate food and where their relatives are imprisoned solely for speaking out against Fidel Castro's government.

The Sheehan trip has angered some who believe she should also address Cuba's imprisonment of political dissidents during her visit, not just those held in the American military prison.

"The fact that there's so many Cubans in prison simply for expressing their political beliefs — nobody seems to pay attention to that," the director of government relations at the anti-Castro Cuban-American National Foundation, Camila Ruiz Gallardo, said." (source)

Sheehan dismissed the letter and will only focus on GITMO which she plans to look at on Cuban ground using a telescope.

She doesn't want to face the reality of Communism -the actual torture-and real political suppression...or she'd have to change her political party. What would happen to Cindy in Cuba or Venezuela if she said the things about Castro and Chavez that she's said about Bush? She'd be longing for the mango chicken at Club GITMO too...

(And isn't this picture disturbing...and this one?)

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