Friday, January 12, 2007

Burqa Aids in Terror...Again.

"FIFTEEN women suicide bombers have been sent to murder British troops in Afghanistan.

Taliban chiefs have ordered them to dress as beggars or teachers and hide devices under burqas, a secret intelligence report has warned.

It marks an alarming new tactic in the Afghan conflict, although women suicide bombers have been used in Iraq.

Army bosses say it is almost impossible to detect the killers covered from head to toe. Troops in war-torn Helmand province are also reluctant to search women as it offends local sensitivities..." (source)

And you remember the cop killer that escaped London in a Burqa. With debate over the hijab and burqa going on here in the US (wearing them in driver's licenses), in France and in the Netherlands...isn't it interesting that Turkey (99% Muslim) outlawed these Islamic accoutrements. This from their travel website:

"In 1925, Kemal Atatürk pushed reform laws through Turkey's Grand National Assembly outlawing the veil and the fez. European-style dress was encouraged in their place.

Although you may see a few women in black çarsaf (translation: bedsheet) in Turkey, most strictly observant Muslim women wear tesettür (a light draping overcoat and colorful headscarf). No veil." (source)

How one dresses should generally be a government hands-off issue, but when dress becomes a tool of homicide we may have to formulate a plan to combat the opportunity.

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