Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama: What the Left is Saying

Yesterday Barack Hussein Obama announced the creation of his Presidential exploratory committee and says he will make the public aware of his formal decision on February 10th.

There are a few things I want to talk about here... First off, Obama is representative of a contingent of society that has always baffled and irked me. A man with a black father and white mother. A man whose father left him at two and went back to Africa. A man that was raised by his white mother and white grandparents. A man that calls himself "African American". He's African AND American, but why identify with the side that abandoned you and not the side that nurtured and raised you? (I know at least 5 people like this in my real life too and it has always annoyed me) I could see if the mom and grandparents were Black and the dad was white identifying more with being Black... Anyway, that's the first thing that bugs me right from the get-go.

Honestly though, I could care less how he identifies himself as I wouldn't vote for him regardless of his race or what he thinks his race is. The only color that matters is that he's green (and not in a Dennis Kucinich environmental way) and he voted for partial birth abortion. I'm more interested in what the left is saying about him. Here is what I turned up on my left'o'sphere reconnaissance:

  • I found it amusing that claims that [Obama is popular with moderate Republicans and Independents].

  • Over at the DU they are lamenting Barack's name and really worried about people finding out his middle name.

  • Since Barack has admitted to being a smoker and smoking pot and doing coke...what will his supporters that relentlessly slammed Bush for suspected cocaine use do about excusing this?

  • When I did the list of 12 Most Bizarre College Courses, two of the posts were held by a college I had never heard of...It's Obama's alma matter! Occidental College.

  • Here are some direct quotes from the Left'o'sphere after Obama's announcement yesterday:

  • "Dear Al Gore: Please run. We Want YOU."

  • "[Obama's] very Kennedy-esque. A man of integrity, wit and wisdom."

  • "Gore-Obama sounds real nice."

  • "While it's true there are a lot of racists, They generally vote for the other party anyway, so who cares?"

  • "Obama/Edwards and Clark for Sec Def."

  • "I do echo concerns that his nomination will rally white racists to vote against him in droves."

  • "Only Racists Will vote against him!"

  • "The obvious point is that being Black he deserves to be elected but the racists will find subtle arguments to vote against him!"
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