Friday, January 05, 2007

The Anti-War Crowd

As (hopefully) evidenced by the fact that in two years and six months of writing this site I have never deleted a comment or blocked an IP address...I believe whole-heartedly in free speech even when it's speech that makes me cringe.

That being said, the fringe left Anti-War crowd stirs a physical visceral reaction that actually makes me feel ill. They have the right to say what they want, but I'm not gonna lie...I hate them. They are the antithesis of all that I believe and all that I want my children to experience in this country. I hate their bitterness and anger. I hate their screaming and frothing at the mouth. I hate their constant distortions of the truth. I hate that anything they say at any given time could be used as propaganda for our enemies. I hate that they lower the morale of our troops.

One of Sheehan's minions was on with O'Reilly last night and she honestly believes that the majority of the country feels the same as they do --I mean she really believes it. I blame the media and polls for this girl's delusions. She kept saying how the majority was against the war now --and just as I've been saying forever...the left doesn't get that conservatives are against the war now because are troops are targets that can't shoot back.

...Maybe the new Gallup poll can clear things up for her a bit (since she seems to rely on these polls so much) A majority of Americans (56%) believe that the MSM is inaccurate when reporting about the war in Iraq. Now this "Impeach the War Criminal Bush" girl might say Americans think the coverage is painting a rosy picture and it's much worse than we think. Thankfully, for once, Gallup thought ahead and clarified that...61% say the coverage is making the war look WORSE than it really is. (source)

If I had one wish for the "War is not the answer" crowd, it would be that they could truly understand how much harm they do our country and our troops...and that they could muster some unity in the face of a serious threat to our society... Why is that too much to ask?

(So...if you're "against the war against terrorism", does that mean you're okay with terrorism? Think we're worse than the terrorists? Don't believe there are such things as terrorists? Or if you're against the war and against terrorism -how do you propose terrorism be stopped without war? Free healthcare? Asking nicely? ...I'm confused.)

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