Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Your Ideal Mate

Reading yesterday's "kiss me" proposals were a riot (and the private emails even better! LOL) --and it was meant to be fun. It's the week before Christmas and people are stressed out wondering who they forgot to buy for and wondering how they'll afford to buy anything else... So we should be able to de-stress and have a little fun...right?

So, onward to today's fun. Your IDEAL mate. This is a character from a movie (not the actual actor just the person they portray) that would be perfect for you. A character that you love everything about -looks, personality, sense of humor... The one who makes you feel 16 again because you swoon over a fictional creation. The Man says this is too hard to say just one person...

For me it's too easy. It's Aragorn from Lord of the Rings with no contest. Long black hair, blue eyes, honorable and brave...I could be his Elven queen.

So, if you could pick one fictional character as your ideal...who would it be?

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