Friday, December 22, 2006

Worst Date Ever:

Today's "fun" post (though with all the stress and commitments mounting, fun seems a distant concept...) is recalling for everyone your WORST DATE EVER. I actually just told my mom about mine the other day...

I think I was 21 and decided to go out with a guy that was completely not my type. I normally dated Harley boys and he was a Yo Rocko Italian club guy. His name was Fabrizio -for real.

He picked me up in his silver Lexus and took me to see 'Mo Money' (how romantic huh?). About 15 minutes into the movie he started holding my hand. That's fine. Then he moved my hand in his to his chest. Still okay. Then he moved both hands lower and I felt skin. He had his Johnson out in the theater...15 minutes into a first date! I proceeded to "eeek" and get up and walk out. He followed me out and he acquiesced when I told him to take me home. As we neared my street he drove right by and drove into a park near my house. At this point I'm panicking a bit and keep telling him to take me home. Turns out he wasn't dangerous --just incredibly conceited. He really thought I was playing hard to get and this was some elaborate game of mating foreplay. "Come on baby...this is Faaaabriiizioooo, you know you want it..."

So that was the worst date ever. ...and the last Italian boy I ever dated.

What was yours?

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